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Although it's warmed up considerably (and the forecasters are saying it's 8 to 10 degrees above the normal highs for this time of the year), I am not really feeling it yet. The excessive heat - usually anything above 105 - is when I start feeling it and needing some time to readjust. Get to 110 and all bets are off. Every year, the news stations warn newcomers about the excessive heat and what you need to do to protect yourself - and every year, people ignore those warnings and they end up in the hospital. Usually at least a couple of deaths as well. And then there's the idiots who leave their dogs and even their babies in their cars while they're in a store - or last year in a bar drinking.

Those people go to jail. I have never seen a baby left in a car in that kind of heat, but I did happen upon a dog that was left in a vehicle with the windows up last year and was going to do something about it when the owners showed up. I gave those people a HUGE ration of …