Monday, May 11, 2009


Although it's warmed up considerably (and the forecasters are saying it's 8 to 10 degrees above the normal highs for this time of the year), I am not really feeling it yet. The excessive heat - usually anything above 105 - is when I start feeling it and needing some time to readjust. Get to 110 and all bets are off. Every year, the news stations warn newcomers about the excessive heat and what you need to do to protect yourself - and every year, people ignore those warnings and they end up in the hospital. Usually at least a couple of deaths as well. And then there's the idiots who leave their dogs and even their babies in their cars while they're in a store - or last year in a bar drinking.

Those people go to jail. I have never seen a baby left in a car in that kind of heat, but I did happen upon a dog that was left in a vehicle with the windows up last year and was going to do something about it when the owners showed up. I gave those people a HUGE ration of s***, and told them they're lucky they showed up, as I was going to call the police. I also happened upon a dog left in a car that others had already found and were doing something about it. What were they doing? They smashed out one of the windows to let the animal out of the 130 plus degree heat that had built up inside of that car.

I think I would dial 911 first and "get permission" to do that first if it were an animal, if it were a baby, hesitation wouldn't be a factor - one of that's vehicles window would be getting broken out and whoever's baby that is would definitely be getting hauled off in a police cruiser.

Regardless, it's just a thing that happens here. Recently, the news reported that people were hiking up in the local mountains - without water! Several people had to be rescued because of it. Again, the warnings are everywhere, you simply can't go out into the desert without water, well you shouldn't, anyway. When I was a kid, I thought I was invincible and would go for long hikes without any water. I would sit in a car in 115 degree heat - and see how long I could stand it before having to get out of it.

Anyway, there was an encouraging bit of news at work today (versus the news that yet another co-worker had been laid-off). My boss was going through the computer system and was looking at orders. These are orders that are there, eventually will be going out, just no solid idea of when. This month, next month, who knows. In recent times, those orders have totalled a very low number, but today, it was showing over a million dollar's worth. That's a GOOD number for our store.

That doesn't mean job security for me, it doesn't mean that for anyone, but it gives me a ray of hope. One thing I cling to in life: hope. Without it, I get depressed. I don't get depressed very often because I tend to remain optimistic about things that are concerning my own financial health, even when the scenario is very dismal. I remain optimistic because I am a believer, and I have always believed that God would take care of me, and frankly, I can't say that I could point a finger at any time of my life and say: Where was God? I can point at numerous points in life where I was broke, didn't have much of anything, but - I always had something to eat, I always had some kind of roof over my head, I was always clothed.

When I'm in the position I am in now, the "finer" things in life have no relevance for me. I've been here too many times, have had to tough it out, I know what it feels like. I have a roof over my head for today, anyway, there is electricity, the house is cool enough, I have plenty of food, the dogs have plenty of food, I have clothing, a job and transportation.

I may or may not be taking in enough to cover everything, I really will only know that when I get my first paycheck at 7 hours a day instead of 8. I have the option of another 401k loan coming up very soon, I owe just a little over $100 on the one I have now. My 401k has almost totally recovered from the enormous leap off the edge of the cliff, which I find very surprising. Then again, I only had 7k in there, so - not a lot of money. I put the whole thing in a "stable value fund" and have determined to leave it there until this crisis is over.

So, what do I say when things look dismal, sour and dark? God is good. He always has been, He always will be. I trust in Him, and that's really all I need. My peace comes from Him as well. I still have emotional reaction to things - people getting laid off and losing money is certainly not the greatest of events to take place, but it isn't the end of the world, either.

As for here - Mary took out a 401k loan last week and is trying to buy a car today. She wanted me to go along with her, but changed her mind and had a co-worker go instead. Mary is a total pushover. She is not good at the bargaining table. The ad for the car she wants is asking $2,200.00, I told her to offer them $1,500.00 for it. Kelly Blue book is $2,200, yes, but - people are dumping things right now in desperation.

I still have several things to do around here that I have already obtained the stuff for, I spent time this weekend working on getting some of it done. The next trellis MAY be ready to hang today - not sure yet. The cement probably needs a little more time to dry/set/cure. The laundry line should be able to hang, but - I ran into a small snag. I need to drill a hole for each eyelet - I tried just screwing them in there, no go. The wood is too hard and the eyelet thread size is too large. I am certain I had some drill bits around here......somewhere........

I also have more styrofoam, and I may go ahead and do that today if the other 2 deals are no-go's. I also still have 10 plants that are STILL in the pots from the auction I got them at last year. They are doing quite well, actually. I have just put it off because I have not identified a place where I really want to put them. I also put it off cause' I HATE digging in this dirt around here-----full of rocks and the ground is hard as well.

So, it's getting late and I want to get something done today. I'm off to see the wizard.......

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