Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just wrote up my first 30-day notice.
I can't take one individual driving out mostly good tenants anymore.
The tenant that is leaving is a good tenant, I would FAR rather her stay than Mary.
This tenant has good points.
Mary frequently stays up ALL night long and then goes to work the next morning. I see her coming home - like nothing at all.
I go through sleeplessness here and there - it isn't fun the next day at work, and when I come home, I go and pass out on the couch or in my bedroom.
Mary goes through mood swings. Uncommon, perhaps not. But - start adding things up.
Prior tenants and others in the neighborhood saying the same things.
I admit that some of my reason for keeping people here beyond desired lengths is for the rent money.
Again, I have already placed and ad for another tenant. Whether for Mary or for the newer tenant - or for both - well, whatever happens happens. Tenants are keeping me at least somewhat afloat right now.

I fully expect Mary to attempt to refute the notion that she is a drug user. I fully expect to refute her. If she wants to prove it, then let her take a drug test immediately - no time to use all those things you can supposedly use to clean up your urine - at her expense. If I'm wrong, I'll pay her back, if she's wrong, I expect not to even see the results - what would be the point.

I don't have to and didn't give a reason for the termination of rental agreement in a 30 day notice. I've just had enough of this. Even in light of my economic disaster, I just can't go on with her disrupting people's lives that come to live here.

So it is, and so beit.


Sooooooo, never a day in paradise around here. Well, I have good days, no doubting that, but with tenants?..........never know what's coming next.

The latest round: The newer tenant believes that Mary is smoking meth in her bedroom. She says that Mary is up all hours of the night and then goes to work all day long, and then home, up all hours of the night. Further, that her dog starts, well, this is an excerpt: "my dog waking me in the middle of the night crying to get out of the room, literally trying to go out the window from what ever is coming in here is really becoming untenable. I then must proceed to close the vent, block it with towels AND a container, crack my window and aim the fan for exhaust rather than cooling purposes."

First off, I put nothing past Mary. Nothing.

Second, this tenant has complained about this before, I have asked her several times to come wake me up whenever it happens so I can go bang on Mary's door and confront her. I know Mary well enough that if I were to confront her on this, she would deny it and that would be the end of that. I could request that she takes a drug test - like within the hour that I ask her to take it - but I cannot force her to do that, either. I could also do a test off the walls in her room - but I have to legally gain access to her room to do so.

So, unless the newer tenant comes wakes me up when the alleged activity is occuring, there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it. She gave me her notice via email today, I have already placed an ad on Craigslist for another tenant.

I responded to her email that I would appreciate it if, regardless if she's leaving or not, that she comes wake me up when this s*** is going on, if it is indeed going on, so I can get it OUT of here. I will not tolerate Mary doing drugs in my house - but you have to be able to certify that it's actually going on.

Look, I went through all kinds of crap with Mary before - but that was about the rent. She has paid her rent, on time - every time - since the court hearing. Now, if she really IS doing drugs in here, rent takes a nosedive on the priority list.

Anyway.........if the newer tenant doesn't write me back, I will definitely address her when she comes home today. I have to get this issue settled , that's all I'm saying.

I have plenty more to say - but this little deal here has me going.
C'ya later.

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