Wednesday, May 13, 2009


2 Benedryls was WAY too much. Yes, the dosage says 1 to 2 tablets for adults - I was having some issues this afternoon after taking 2 of them. Like - feeling very funny. There are numerous drugs that do this to me that do not have the same effect on most other people. I take drugs sometimes because I have to - but the side effects can be very disturbing.

For example, I do not get flu shots. I can't. Last time I took one, I got up from the table - they were giving them in a resort golf club in their giant conference room - walked out into the hallway and fell down on the floor. I dragged myself to a couch in the lobby and laid there for quite a while. A person eventually approached me - I was totally out of it. They ran for a nurse, who came barging out the doors and started doing all the "stuff".

The nurse concluded I have a fear of needles. No, Mrs. Nurse, I do NOT have a fear of needles. Needles have never bothered me. I informed her that I could feel whatever it was going through my system. Literally, I could feel it.
After a certain point, I got dizzy and nearly passed out. Well then you are allergic to eggs. No, Mrs Nurse, I am not, I eat eggs frequently without any ill effect.

I imagine her extreme reaction was one of fear: this guy's going to sue. I was NOT going to sue anyone, I just wanted to feel better. For THREE MONTHS after that injection, I was not right. I had no energy and I felt terrible every single day. I spent all day and night in bed at home excepting for dragging myself to work. Lesson learned: BenB is NOT to take flu shots.

Same with pennicillin. I had an extremely allergic reaction to that when I was 10 years old. I could go on, but you get the pic. For whatever reason, my body doesn't like most drugs and I therefore do not subject it to much of it. The only thing I can say about the Benedryl is, regardless of the extremely bad side effects, it IS having an effect on the huge swelling on my right forearm.

As for the tenancy issue going on in here with drug users = interruption. Mary just walked through here, told me to f*** off and said she already found a new place to live. Great, I responded, buh-bye. Mary's issues are going to follow her everywhere she goes. She said: "There's your smell", pointing at my plate with brats on it. She is going to have a comment every time she passes through here, I'm guessing, so I am going to carry my camera with me and run the video segment so that she can both be seen and heard for her comments if they go too far or if she starts making threats.

Okay, well I just also got done reading her emails to my work account. She is stating she is going to see a judge. I will have to go to court tomorrow after work and get a restraining order against her, because I have no doubts that if she is going to see a judge, that is exactly what she is going to do against me. Fun - fun. She is NOT going to have me put out of my own home by use of a restraining order like she did Justine - the ex-tenant that Mary was fighting with. Mary told me some time ago she had her own boyfriend put out of HIS house with one of those orders. I take a threat like that seriously - enough to go to the courthouse and get this done before she can play her games on me. Where would I go? How would my dogs be taken care of? No, that ain't gonna happen.

As for now, I am still feeling the effects of that stuff and I need to head to the bedroom.


I just took 2 Benedryls and am feeling very sleepy, figured I would write an entry before I go pass out.
I was bitten by something 2 nights ago - my right forearm is swollen so large, it looks something like Popeye's forearms in the cartoon. I wasn't feeling good, either, though I made it through "all" 7 hours of the work day, minus 4 minutes - took off from work and then bought the benedryl.

The boss was asking if I would be in tomorrow - darn straight I'll be in - there isn't a lot that's going to keep me from going to work right now. I don't want to give any thing in terms of reason to be the next to be let go.

Undoubtedly, by now, Mary has fired back at least 1 email in reply to my statements to her about why I want her out. Her wires have crossed, she has short-circuited and she is plenty upset about all of this.

But - the facts cannot be dismissed.

Wow- I just had a wave overtake me, I'll try to get back on here later, I'm going to go crash.

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