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2 Benedryls was WAY too much. Yes, the dosage says 1 to 2 tablets for adults - I was having some issues this afternoon after taking 2 of them. Like - feeling very funny. There are numerous drugs that do this to me that do not have the same effect on most other people. I take drugs sometimes because I have to - but the side effects can be very disturbing.

For example, I do not get flu shots. I can't. Last time I took one, I got up from the table - they were giving them in a resort golf club in their giant conference room - walked out into the hallway and fell down on the floor. I dragged myself to a couch in the lobby and laid there for quite a while. A person eventually approached me - I was totally out of it. They ran for a nurse, who came barging out the doors and started doing all the "stuff".

The nurse concluded I have a fear of needles. No, Mrs. Nurse, I do NOT have a fear of needles. Needles have never bothered me. I informed her that I could feel whate…


I just took 2 Benedryls and am feeling very sleepy, figured I would write an entry before I go pass out.
I was bitten by something 2 nights ago - my right forearm is swollen so large, it looks something like Popeye's forearms in the cartoon. I wasn't feeling good, either, though I made it through "all" 7 hours of the work day, minus 4 minutes - took off from work and then bought the benedryl.

The boss was asking if I would be in tomorrow - darn straight I'll be in - there isn't a lot that's going to keep me from going to work right now. I don't want to give any thing in terms of reason to be the next to be let go.

Undoubtedly, by now, Mary has fired back at least 1 email in reply to my statements to her about why I want her out. Her wires have crossed, she has short-circuited and she is plenty upset about all of this.

But - the facts cannot be dismissed.

Wow- I just had a wave overtake me, I'll try to get back on here later, I'm going to go…