Thursday, May 14, 2009


Umm, well at least the work day went by quickly. I was driving all day long - yesterday too, in fact, since I forgot to mention that on here.

I actually blotted out the thought of Mary and all that could potentially happen here - I'm not sure how I managed that, but I did.

However, after I got off work, I headed straight to the Maricopa County Superior Court. Mary informed me when she got that Order against Justine (a former tenant) that the Superior Court Order over-rides an Order from a Justice Court (allegedly the Judge told her that), I didn't even know you could GET an order of protection in Superior Court. I thought they handed all of that stuff down to the Municipal and Justice Courts.

Well, sure enough. It was much easier, too. You don't have to fill in everything by pen, they have you sit at a computer and fill in all the fields and the reason why the judge should grant your request. Hey, I can fill out those forms in a flash, I was in and out of there in less than 10 minutes.

To the counter, I offered the paperwork. OF course, that took longer than my writing up numerous pages worth of information. Then, up to the courtroom. I waited out in front of the courtroom - as instructed - for about 10 minutes. A lady came out, took my paperwork and told me to go inside.

I waited there for maybe 10 minutes, probably less. The Judge came out, called my name first! Wow, finally a day at court that isn't a long, drawn-out ordeal! He read my statement, said he was issuing me the order, walaah. I was quite amazed that he didn't even ask me ANY questions, he just read my statements at face-value and that was that. He understood that the order would have her put out of my home. I didn't tell him I wasn't going to have it served unless it becomes imminent. The woman needs to keep her mouth shut, find a new place to live and get out of here.

It is done. I did this because Mary informed me a long time ago about an Order she got against a boyfriend. It was the boyfriend's house - she had him removed out of his own home! NO WAY was I even ABOUT to let that up to chance. I spent less than an hour getting that order - time well spent and it is free. Having it served is free, too, just have the cops come out, they will inform her that she has to leave, buh-bye.

I would have absolutely no peace right now if I didn't have that paperwork safely stashed away in my bedroom.

Anyway. Granted that Mary is no longer going to water the plants out front, I will be taking over those duties. I was at a place that sells all kinds of piping for watering today - the price of 100 feet of that drip system pipe is $6.50. The "good" - whatever the name of the thing that lets out the water - is 49 cents each. I could install the system for around $40 to cover the front and most of the side of the house. Taking on watering ALL of the plants is a considerable thought - summer is basically here and they need watered every 2 to 3 days. Actually, some of it needs watered daily - 2 days max.

Did I say Roscoe is here? He's the German Shepherd - mix - I have watched over here too many times to remember now. He's here until Monday, and yes, his owner paid in advance. He always does : )

Umm, well, it's been 3 days since last watering, so I must go outside and start on that. A good hour should knock it out. Mary did not say anything nasty to me when they were walking out, and I did not and will not inform her of the paperwork I have acquired unless the situation digresses. Wait and see.


I did this as a preventative measure, not as something I am going to have done right now. She did tell me to F off last night, wrote me some extremely venomous emails this morning, and proclaimed a lot of things that she is going to do. Her attitude is s*** at best.

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