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I'm totally exhausted. I struggled all day long trying to stay awake, alert and do my job. I simply did not sleep after the ordeal with the police last night - I might have gotten 3 and a half hours of sleep total. Now that I'm home, I have no pressures, can sit here and write this or just go take a nap, plus the weekend is here.

To be honest, I did not want to have to have Mary served with that order last night. I only got it as protection in case she held true to her word and was going to see the judge, in her words. This meant only one thing to me: she was going to get an Order of Protection, and the ONLY way to defend yourself against that in this kind of situation is to get one first. That way, if she calls the police, whips out the Order, I whip out my Order as well and then the police can figure it out from there. To think about being removed from my own home based on the lies of a meth-addicted person was more than I could bear.

Last night, her mouthing off to me…

It Is Done

So, I'm sitting here at Midnight Thirty - wide awake.
The reason?
Mary put a pan on the stove with water in it - and then left the house.

I was sound asleep.

The smoke alarms went off. I say alarms because they are all wired together - when one goes off, they ALL go off. My bedroom, the other 2 tenant's bedrooms, my son's bedroom, the living room.

I come out here. How do you turn on a stovetop and leave the house? Are these the actions of a normal person?

Regardless, I took the pan, dumped the water out into the sink, poured cold water into the pan to cool it down. Put the pan away, put her box of macaroni back into her portion of the reach-in pantry.

Mary then comes in with Ken, the other roommate.

She raises her voice at me - then starts screaming. I told her if she didn't calm down, I was going to call the police. She yelled at me to "go ahead, call the police, call them, call them..........on and on". I looked at her. I will not tolerate tenants scream…