Saturday, May 16, 2009


I went to see Star Trek again with Ken.
So, anyway, I shut my cellphone ringer off, of course, for the show. Nothing worse than people's cellphones ringing in theatres - well, there is something worse - people taking the call and actually talking.

Star Trek is a great show, I highly recommend it even to non-Trekkies - it's a much different format and - well it was cool. Won't be going to the theatres again for quite a while, sort of my summer vacation. Really - it is.

Anyway, I get out of the theatres, go to Fry's and buy some dog food.

Get home, look at my phone. There is a missed call on it.
I call the number back on my home phone, it's Mary. She didn't answer.
Worse, she left a message! She informed me in this message that she doesn't have any clothes for work and "you need to call me back".

The Order I have against her includes NO - CONTACT - not by phone, email, nothing. I could call the police, right now, show them the number and let them hear the message, and then have her arrested. She would sit in jail until Monday when a judge would probably release her - whether with bail or own recognizance, I dunno.

Mary's tones towards me is what causes me to want to just be totally brazen towards her. She didn't even ask nicely, it was like mommy talking to her offspring.

I'm tempted, I'll tell you that. A person that is willing to break an order of protection - just defy the judge and the court - is a person that has several screws loose, at best. It states CLEARLY on the order NO CONTACT. I'm actually shocked that she crossed that bridge, really, I am.

I'm really not sure if I want her to spend the weekend in jail or not. As I said, it was the WAY she said it - a directive, I MUST get her clothes, I NEED to call her back. If it were me, I would have had a friend call - a friend that can be nice regardless, and have that friend go over and get the clothes for me. That's what I would have done.

What say ye?


I went to bed early last night and just got up 30 minutes ago. That's about 10 hours of sleep. I needed it badly after the ordeal Thursday night/early Friday morning. I'm just about to head outside and get some watering done - the temps are heating up considerable and more watering will need to be done.

However, even with me doing more watering, the amount of water being used on a monthly basis will undoubtedly go way down without Mary here. She would sit out there and let the hose run for literally hours. I am pretty good at keeping plants alive and healthy - they don't need NEAR as much water as she was dumping on them. I had another $83 water bill come in yesterday - well higher and normal.

So, I just wrote a note to Karen - the lady that moved in here temporarily while she could find herself a house to live in - and asked her to show up to court as a witness against Mary. Mary had admitted to Karen about her meth use and also Mary started QUITE a lot of trouble with Karen. I'm guessing Karen will jump at the chance to show up in court and let it all out before the judge. I NEED a witness, there's no doubting about that. I would ask Justine - but she didn't leave on great terms, either. Mary had her put out with a restraining order as well. Although, I can say that it's human nature to want revenge, it wouldn't surprise me if Justine would show up as well just to cause any kind of trouble she can against Mary.

But I think I'll just wait and see if Karen will go. Karen is older and can show more calm, wisdom and respect than Justine, who is like 21 years old, I think.

Anyway, we're going to see Star Trek again this morning. Ken wanted to go twice - I paid last time, he's paying this time. Caleb wants to go as well. It is a great movie and one that I don't mind seeing twice - a thing a rarely ever do.

I have projects to do around here as well, though I also have to go through a pile of paper and pull out pertinent paperwork for court on Friday - something I am not going to just let go into this coming week. Bring all that paperwork in here, mull through it and find everything.

That's it for now - I'm still trying to wake up and I'm going outside to get the watring done before it gets too hot out there.
Have a great day!

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