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I went to see Star Trek again with Ken.
So, anyway, I shut my cellphone ringer off, of course, for the show. Nothing worse than people's cellphones ringing in theatres - well, there is something worse - people taking the call and actually talking.

Star Trek is a great show, I highly recommend it even to non-Trekkies - it's a much different format and - well it was cool. Won't be going to the theatres again for quite a while, sort of my summer vacation. Really - it is.

Anyway, I get out of the theatres, go to Fry's and buy some dog food.

Get home, look at my phone. There is a missed call on it.
I call the number back on my home phone, it's Mary. She didn't answer.
Worse, she left a message! She informed me in this message that she doesn't have any clothes for work and "you need to call me back".

The Order I have against her includes NO - CONTACT - not by phone, email, nothing. I could call the p…


I went to bed early last night and just got up 30 minutes ago. That's about 10 hours of sleep. I needed it badly after the ordeal Thursday night/early Friday morning. I'm just about to head outside and get some watering done - the temps are heating up considerable and more watering will need to be done.

However, even with me doing more watering, the amount of water being used on a monthly basis will undoubtedly go way down without Mary here. She would sit out there and let the hose run for literally hours. I am pretty good at keeping plants alive and healthy - they don't need NEAR as much water as she was dumping on them. I had another $83 water bill come in yesterday - well higher and normal.

So, I just wrote a note to Karen - the lady that moved in here temporarily while she could find herself a house to live in - and asked her to show up to court as a witness against Mary. Mary had admitted to Karen about her meth use and also Mary started QUITE a lot of trouble …