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So, the sargeant called me back today. He listened to my rather detailed voice mail I left him, he was not sympathetic to the officer's statements towards me. I told this sargeant that the cop had told me Mary could return as many times as she wanted, totally contradictory to the paperwork. That the cop told me I couldn't pack her stuff in the kitchen up in boxes. That the cop said I couldn't enter her room.

The sargeant said he would deal with the officer, that if there are any disputes, it's totally a civil matter and would have to be handled in the courts. THAT'S what I wanted to hear. If I win against Mary in court this Friday, I will let her come over at the scheduled time, anyway, just so I can get her stuff out of here. But the notion that I can't do this that and the other thing is totally bogus, I knew it was when the cop was speaking it to me, nothing has changed my view of that now, and even more strengthed by this cop's superior telling …