Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sometimes, my writings in this journal are nothing more than a vent - an exhaust system if you will - get the stuff out of my system so it doesn't build up too much.

For example, coming home from work today and finding the AC set at a temp has it at 70 degrees in here. Actually, the thermometer I have in the living room read 68 degrees. I am cooling - dogs - for - what purpose?

Michael informed me that one of the tenants comes out here after I leave and changes the setting on the thermostat.

Nice. Just sent a rather long email to both tenants explaining my situation. It matters not of a situation, there is absolutely NO good reason to set the AC that low during the heat of the day - WHEN NO-ONE IS HERE.

The gate - has been left unlocked several times recently this week and last. Michael does not have a key to the gate, therefore, the kid can't be blamed. Caleb isn't here during the week, can't blame him, either. AC - I know who is doing it. I simply reiterated my "threat" to put a locking cover over it.

Anyway, it just gets old having to deal with the same issues, over and over and over.

So, I was just sitting here reading a notice from the court about the hearing concerning the order of Protection. Mary had to write up her reason why the order should be dismissed.

She said in it that I just wanted to get her out the "easy" way and didn't want to have to go through the "regular" court process to evict her. Of course, I have the full-fledged paperwork where I DID go through the process with her ALREADY. That story isn't going to fly. She makes up a bunch of stuff that - I will be able to dismiss in court without a problem. I have all kinds of paperwork, yes, but I just remembered I wanted to get that police report.

So, I am going to call over there, like right now, even before finishing this, so I can get the report number - that department closes in 25 minutes.

No report. Just an incident number. The lady stated that if the judge wants more info, he can call the police and find out the officer's name and contact that officer.

Somehow, I doubt that will happen. I wanted a report showing the Mary had stated to the officers that I had shoved her, since I have the entire incident on CD-ROM, ready for the judge to review if necessary.

Cancel that - Mary wrote in her reply to the court that I had shoved her. I now have HER own written statement that I shoved her. NOW I have something to destroy any credibility she might have had with the court.

Well, a couple of hours have passed since starting this entry. Lots going on around here, including Karen showing up to discuss this matter. No coaching, Karen has "solid" views about Mary with her own, personal experience with her.

Now about today. Yesterday, the semi started pouring fuel out of the bypass/overflow tube. I was at a vendor's yard when it started that. It continued on at the main branch and then, of course, back at the yard.

This morning, I turned the semi on long before I had to leave - I wanted it to warm up and see if it was going to continue. I took the caps off the fuel tanks. Got up to running temperature - after a LONG time of idling. Then, I screwed the caps back on. A while later - fuel coming out of the bypass. No way I am driving a truck down the road, leaking fuel.

It started series of phone calls to find a rental truck to replace the semi because we had several deliveries going out today. Long story short: I ended up going to a Penske yard and driving off in a 2 axle tractor with an AUTOMATIC transmission. LOL. I do not do semi tractors with auto's in them. I am all about sticks. Autos are goofy at best, the upshift and downshift at mostly unwanted intervals. I plain don't like them.

My foot was automatically going for a clutch pedal that wasn't there. I float the gears, yes, but you have to use the clutch to get moving from a complete stop. And note that I said a complete stop. I could be going 2 miles an hour and be able to get the truck into gear without use of a clutch and without grinding gears.

"Floating" simply means the truck is moving, I don't care what speed - and you have to shift gears. The clutch is not used in such a maneuever. It's a learned "art" and many or most truck drivers learn it, certainly a vast majority of local drivers that are in city traffic all day long. I would go into it, but I am tired - it simply means the engine rpm's and the transmission are at the same "speed" - a thing a truck driver learns by looking at the tachometer - and eventually learns by sound - you shift gears without pushing in the clutch. You push the shifter into neutral and then into the gear you are going into.

Umm, anyway, I'm done for the night. I have found most of the paperwork for court on Friday, there are some things I need to print out from my work email tomorrow that Mary sent me at work.

And with that, -------- ............ G'nite!


Just a short update.
The ex-tenant finally wrote back - I thought she just didn't want to go to court and I wasn't going to get pushy about it, she don't wanna go, she don't wanna go.
Nothing of the sort, apparently.
She wrote back and said date/time/place.
She called me later and even offered to drive me over there!
This will be very good to have at least one person backing up my statements, as I don't wonder if Mary will show up with a gang as well.
I have other, documented evidence I will be prepared with as well.

Regardless, yesterday was 9 hours of straight driving, delivering, this that and the other thing, topped by a leaking fuel tank.
The overflow on one of the semi's tanks began dumping fuel yesterday after I filled the thing up. The tank was hot and there was a lot of pressure inside of the tank itself. I ended up having drain out a lot of fuel letting out the pressure (you know, just before the thing blows up?) and then even went as far as pumping some fuel out. I was downtown when I did that, when I got back to the yard here, same thing all over

It has had all night to cool down I'm hoping whatever happened it was just from filling it up and heat related.

Meanwhile, the sky is dark/overcast - a very welcomed sight. A nice rain would be awesome - though it might not help in making any deliveries today.

Ummm - that's enough for now.
Hope you all have a great day.

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