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Sometimes, my writings in this journal are nothing more than a vent - an exhaust system if you will - get the stuff out of my system so it doesn't build up too much.

For example, coming home from work today and finding the AC set at a temp has it at 70 degrees in here. Actually, the thermometer I have in the living room read 68 degrees. I am cooling - dogs - for - what purpose?

Michael informed me that one of the tenants comes out here after I leave and changes the setting on the thermostat.

Nice. Just sent a rather long email to both tenants explaining my situation. It matters not of a situation, there is absolutely NO good reason to set the AC that low during the heat of the day - WHEN NO-ONE IS HERE.

The gate - has been left unlocked several times recently this week and last. Michael does not have a key to the gate, therefore, the kid can't be blamed. Caleb isn't here during the week, can't blame him, either. AC - I know who is doing it. I simply reitera…


Just a short update.
The ex-tenant finally wrote back - I thought she just didn't want to go to court and I wasn't going to get pushy about it, she don't wanna go, she don't wanna go.
Nothing of the sort, apparently.
She wrote back and said date/time/place.
She called me later and even offered to drive me over there!
This will be very good to have at least one person backing up my statements, as I don't wonder if Mary will show up with a gang as well.
I have other, documented evidence I will be prepared with as well.

Regardless, yesterday was 9 hours of straight driving, delivering, this that and the other thing, topped by a leaking fuel tank.
The overflow on one of the semi's tanks began dumping fuel yesterday after I filled the thing up. The tank was hot and there was a lot of pressure inside of the tank itself. I ended up having drain out a lot of fuel letting out the pressure (you know, just before the thing blows up?) and then even went as far as pumping some …