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I got to see today what I am going to be down in terms of reduced pay via reduced hours.
I'm guessing the company adjusted my tax rate and I also had 1 extra exemption.
I am down about $120 every 2 weeks. A $240 per month deficit, plus I am out a renter right now until I get Mary and her stuff out of there.

Just sends me back to the drawing board - what do I have every month coming in and what is going out. Where can I save more money - if anywhere - and how am I going to survive this. I'm hoping my dad will continue to sent the extra $100 - right now, that money is a portion of the bridge across the line - the line being make it on one side of the chasm, break it on the other.

I feel like I'm on the break side, but - I just have to do the numbers again and see what I really have coming in. No way can I survive without 3 tenants paying me every month or every 2 weeks, that's a granted. Tomorrow is court - the judge will have to decide who is right and who is wrong…


An absolutely beautiful day this morning.
Sky is overcast, temp is nice, looks like it might rain.
Hope it does.
I always get to work early so I can sit and drink a cup of coffee or 3 and peruse the news on the internet before going to work.
Not much in the system in terms of deliveries - which is the first time this week there hasn't been a full day's worth of stuff in there. Just one delivery and that's it.
I am not going to work tomorrow so that I can digest all of the information I have, get it into my head and also write down notes on the volumes of different things I would like to address in court in order to prove my case. There IS a lot.

So, anyway, today is sort of my Friday, cepting' court is usually not a barrel of fun and games.

Amazingly, school is already out for the summer. Seems like it gets out earlier now but definitely starts back up earlier as well. I think last year school got out at the beginning of June, today is what, the 21st of May? Definite…