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Around 10:00 am, Karen showed up.
We took off towards court, even though it was going to start 1 hour and 15 minutes later.
We got there almost an hour ahead of the scheduled start time.

A little cafe down the street, I bought her a cafe mocha and I had a coffee. My coffee was pretty darn good - they didn't have any coffee made at the time so I got an espresso with water and cream. Karen was looking at some art on the walls - was quite intrigued by it.

Half an hour later, we leave and go back to court.
Mary shows up shortly after we entered the courtroom, we were almost 30 minutes early. We listened to a married getting divorced couple argue over kids and an order of protection.

I listened intently - mostly to the judge and how he was reacting to everything, since what I was doing was the same thing: order of protection.

After that was done, we were up next. He was a commissioner, but was in the seat of the Superior Court. He started with me. He basically said to prove my case…


No work today - but got up normal time anyway. Wanted to go out and get the plant watering over with, I waited a couple of days to see if it would rain, not enough.

To my surprise, it rained over night and the ground is soaked! Yayyyyy! The weather reports kept saying scattered storms - well I live right next to the mountains and when they say that, it ALWAYS rains here. That's what I was hoping for - just another way to save a little money, let Mother Nature turn on the water tap in the sky and let it fall.

Next, I came out to drink coffee and go over the numbers. I left water and electricity at the highest numbers I think that they might go during the summer. I did not include my dad's $100 check he has been sending every month. I also included only 2 renters, since really, that's all I have right now.

The numbers came up with expenses being almost $300 less than income. However, those numbers did not account for food, gas, haircuts, etc. Just bills going out. Whe…