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Kate asked for pics - so, that's what I did. Got out there before it got too dark, snapped some photos of things I have been working on, walaah.

EDITED: I AGAIN forgot to reduce the size of the pic on my camera, so, if you want to see what I am REAllY focusing on in the pics, you'll have to click on the pic itself, otherwise, you might thing I am a REALLY bad photographer. I ain't the greatest, but - really - I'm not THAT bad!!

The Trellis Project.
I put the third trellis up today - it's the farthest on the left - and then had to slide behind that panel of trellises to put in "equalizers" I'll call them. That is simply little strips of wood that I screwed onto the trellises from behind to make the trellises all line up together. You should be able to see the sunshade stuff I put behind it as well. The top is sagging down - another project, another day. Probably tomorrow. I still have to put up 3 more of them. I have one more right now, would ha…


I have been enjoying an entire day working outside.

Well, not the entire day. I went and picked up a computer chair cheap this morning.
After that, a stop at Albertson's for some boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale.

Then to Home Depot where I purchased a bottle of outdoor spray poison - the kind you hook up to a garden hose. I'm afraid that a paid exterminator is out of the question at this point.

Home, I went to work with the poison, covering the entire property. The bottle was empty just as I was finishing up.

I then attached another trellis to 2 beams I had cemented into the ground. After that, I got a stick of wood I had purchased to place on the beams - all of them together, to even out the array. I then took small pieces of wood I had bought to use as stakes - which I pulled out of the ground but did not throw away, and placed them between trellises as well to even them out even more.

After that, I got the shade material, 2 sticks of wood, measured the entire le…

Next: Notice of Abandonment

As I noted in the comments section of the last entry, I cannot just dump Mary's stuff out of here - I wish I could, just have a huge yard sale and get rid of all of it. To do that - at least in Arizona - would mean she could go to court and sue me for the loss.

Instead, I have written her 2 emails so far, one yesterday and one today - the only method the judge prescribed for us to communicate about this - to come get her stuff on Sunday at 1:00 pm as previously arranged when the police were here last. The second notice, I just sent to her, includes the statement that if she does not have her stuff out of here by Monday, May 25th, 2009, I am going to move all of it to a storage facility and then she will have to pay for the move and the storage costs BEFORE getting her things - that is also written right into State Law.

Further, since I really only have an Order against her, I am also going to post a Notice of Abandonment on her bedroom door and send a certified letter to her work,…