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"I'll do it, myyyyyyyyyaaaawwwwyyyyyyy wayyyyy".
As always, Mary does things her own way.
In this case, completely ignoring the directive of the judge.
The judge issued the directive, via a modification of the Order of Protection, that we email each other about when she is to come and get her stuff.

I emailed her 3 times on 3 consecutive days.
She replied NONCE.
She was supposed to show up, originally, at 1:00 pm today with a U-Haul and several people to get her things out of here.
I didn't put it past her to do such a thing without notice, even though a court ordered it.
At 1:30, I figured a done deal - she ain't showing.


At 3:00 pm, the police are at my gate.
I go out there.
I inform them of the judge's directive.
It is, rightfully, left totally up to me.
Get her stuff out of here, that's what my head was screaming at me, and that's what I allowed.

But looking at the pickup, it was quite obvious that was NOT going to suffice.

There was only contention ab…


Okay, hanging laundry about the 4th load starts to get old. Not the biggest ordeal on earth, but - not exactly Sunday afternoon fun, either.

Also continued the deep watering I started yesterday. Should be completed by the end of the holiday weekend.

Went to Fry's. For me, Fry's Food Stores are becoming notorious for issuing ads with product that they don't have.
This time - 88 cents per pound chicken breast, bone-in. None. Tude Dude was back there, I avoided him like the plague - he gave me a long stare - so - I decided it only fitting to - completely ignore him.

When done with shopping, I asked the guy at the front about when there will be more chicken coming in. I knew the answer before he called the meat department: tomorrow. I decided to ask them to call another Fry's down the road - the man disappeared. When done paying for my stuff, the printer wasn't working and it did not give me my receipt. I ALWAYS check my receipt to make sure the computer hasn&…


Something seems to kick in internally on Sundays that identifies the circuits within to close and start telling me to clean house.
An impulse that can't be denied, I get moving.
I'm about 1/3rd done - I have a huge list of things I want to get done in here today, as well as more items on the outdoor list as well.

However, I am waiting for the boys to get up to finish the living room. THEY can clean it, and clean it thoroughly.

I have heard nothing back from Mary from the 2 emails that I have sent her inviting her to come get all of her stuff out of here so that I can re-rent that room. I have no intention of waiting forever - she will either come get it or I will put it in storage regardless of the cost. I was thinking a cheaper solution would be to have a container delivered here temporarily - until the time allotted for her to get the stuff expires and then I can simply get rid of it. I do have doubts that I will have to go that far with it - getting rid of it that is - …