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Memorial Day

Just voicing my great respect and giving my thanks to those that have served and are serving in our nation's military. As far as journaling goes, Old Solider comes to mind - as well as a few others.
To those families that have lost loved ones who have gone to Iraq, or Afghanistan - or wherever: Thank You. The loss is inmitigatable - but your country and your fellow countrymen are indebted forever.
I always think of those that went to Vietnam - I see them on the streets everyday. I have talked to many of them - that war messed with their heads, many have not been able to cope.

I think of the great World Wars - imagine what life would be like if Hitler had his way, or Japan was able to finish what they started. You think of how many military personnel lost their lives in those wars. It's a staggering thought. It's even more amazing that Japan is now an ally.

Well, moving on. Mary's friend was supposed to be here at 8:00am to get the rest of Mary's things. A f…