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Tuesday More

So, I get home from work today and receive a reply from Mary.
Note that the judge ordered us both to communicate via email to come up with a date/time to get her things out of here.
Mary ignored that order and showed up on Sunday regardless.

So, today, Mary writes more hate mail. She is replying to the 3 emails that I wrote her after the court hearing and before she showed up on Sunday.

It is a total waste of time to go into what she said - it was incomprehensible and went into issues that had nothing to do with anything about moving her stuff out.

She did, however, think that she has 30 days to get her stuff out of here!
Ummm - well I responded to it, because her manner of writing is so off-the-wall, you really can't understand WHAT she is trying to say.

Regardless, the woman that is Mary's friend - a person that seems sane and lucent - showed up today - like right now - about 2 hours after the arranged time. That's all I need. 3 pickup trucks and 3 women. No U-haul and …


So, Michael's sitting in the living room yesterday, asking about a vacation.
Sure - just come up with about $500 and we'll take a 3 day trip.
Mary's friends are again supposed to come today, after I get home from work, to get the rest of her stuff.
Which is good because I have a solid lead on a new roommate.
Got to work early this morning as I like to sit here before clocking in and read the news and such.
Iran sending warships to international waters and North Korea detonating a nuke AND sending two more test missiles - great news!

Pretty nice 4 days off regardless of the excitement in court and the police showing up yet again at my house to let Mary get her things. Got plenty done this weekend, so I don't look at it as a waste.

Anyway, now it's just a 4-day work week - always easier to handle than the entire 5!
Have a great day!