Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just find going through such things with people such as Mary and the outrageous, unbeievable attitudes and hostility to be more than I can deal with on occasion. I tend to shut down and go to the "cave".
Mary's continued writings are horrendous at best. Her response to the walls in her room and all the holes she made in them was - incredulous.

Because of all that has happened - I am definitely considering suing her. The thing that really eats at me and got me going was her claim to Phoenix police that I had shoved her - equating aggravated assault - equating arrest and jail time. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not acquired the Order of Protection against her.

I give attest again - and again - and again - to the advantages of having a video surveillance system giving me backup, 24 hours a day, every day, always. No, the cops didn't want to see it. WHY didn't they want to see it, is the question. In my mind - the fact that I so persistently and forcefully asked them to look at it - perhaps that just confirms to them that what I am saying is true and that they don't NEED to see it. Certainly, when I make my case about something, detail is something that is not ambiguous.

IF they had believed her, or had some question of credibility on my part, it would only be logical for the next step to ask to SEE this video surveillance of mine. That CD is in my possession and will remain so - in storage along with all the rest of the documentation, in case Mary EVER brings up anything about this again. Same with the judge, who had no desire to see my video recording of Mary basically committing perjury in the court.

It is not a case of paranoia. Having video surveillance is simply a total, 100% recall of any event that might happen. It is not clouded by human emotion. It's memory is not based on whether it was tired or not - as long as it has electricity and the computer program to run it, it never tires. It it totally unbiased, it shows the scenes as they happen. It can't edit itself while running to make one person look good and another look very bad. It IS what it is. It IS one of the best uses of my financial occupations that I have ever spent, and most certainly, the only regret I MIGHT have is not going for the 8 camera option. But I don't regret that, 4 is sufficient. 8 is better- but costs twice as much and that much more electricity for cameras to run.

Totally changing the subject, Michael apparently is not going home this week. One imagines that it is end of month, food stamps have run out at their house, money is very tight if existent at all, and food is scarce. I have imperical data to back it up - but it has to do with their use of illegal substance, so I will refrain excepting this sentence's inferences - leave it to your imagination, though long-time readers may very well surmise the correct rendition.

I have written a 3rd - and totally different - Craigslist ad for the room. Greatly reduced to accomodate for the situation with the walls - still a nice room and very large. The price is right, guarantee that. Or not.

My ad may change even more after I thought about what I really should have said in it - but - another day. I'll let this one run a couple of days and see what kind of response I might get.

Ummm, I'm tired - repetetive - but I have been driving all day long most every day I am at work now. It is relentless, though I really like that kind of environment. Keeps my mind occupied and keeps me on my toes. We are near end of month - they will be driving to get out every delivery the salesmen can muster to get out of the branches. Tomorrow looks to be a VERY busy day. Couple that with a fuel problem on the semi - I have to keep checking both tanks to make sure they are equalizing. I am trying to burn up the fuel in both tanks to get it down far enough for the mechanic to return and address the problem: faulty fuel indicators in the tanks, apparently a problem that this particular model of truck has had since it's inception.

The problem? The sensors go bad, reading faulty information, and start pumping fuel from one tank to the other - ONE way. Meaning ALL the fuel is trying to pump out of one tank and into the other tank, which doesn't have room for all of that fuel. This problem started on full tanks - I have been driving the thing with the fuel pump disengaged. Remember, this is a semi tractor, not a car, there is much more technology and necessary mechanics engineered into these kinds of vehicles than you will ever find necessary for the common automobile.

A semi truck's gauges and idiot lights will tell you so much more information than that of in a car, it's a totally different realm. Computers on trucks, however, do not equate into the eradication of common sense.

With that, I am going to BED.


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