Friday, May 29, 2009


The Mary saga likely will never end, or so it will seem.
She writes me an email today telling me her paycheck is being sent to my house, yada yada yada, she's going to call federal authorities if I "do anything with it". Further that she is going to come and take it right out of my mailbox. Lots of threats and BS. I replied that again, I could have her arrested just for contacting me about something that has nothing to do with the room, and for making threats.

Ahhhhhhh, the weekend.
I get to dig a big hole outside somewhere tomorrow and plant that tree - and hope it lives.
I have the place in mind, on the west side of the house. There is nothing in terms of plants there - the only place, really, on the entire property that there isn't - I reserved it for - trees, what else.

I hope to sleep a little better tonight - last night sucked and the night before was just as bad - and get up early enough to beat the heat in terms of digging out the hole for the tree. It's sitting in a huge container of water right now, so I have a little breathing room, but definitely, needs to be planted this weekend.

Still unfinished projects as well - most notably the trellis project, of which I have stalled on cause it's a pain trying to dig holes around the plants and I have been busy, anyway, and also one more window I want to put the foam with material over.

My latest rental ad has resulted in zero replies. Amazing. However, this is the end of month, I am going to write another one and see if I can get some bites. Somebody, somewhere, wants to move out of whatever they're in and into someplace else.

The end of this one, I am so tired, I can barely keep my eyes open.
Just gonna watch a movie - movies - until bedtime and go to bed early - around 8ish.

Friday Morning

Got up early this morning - woke up, wasn't sleeping, might as well get up, get out there and do some early morning watering - really the best time of day to do such a thing.
It was relatively cool this morning as well - low 70's. Local forecasters are calling it unusually warm here - which I don't really buy - it's always warm at the end of May and going into June.

But, they are saying May is going to break a record for the number of days over 100 degrees. That IS unusual for May, I'll give them that.

As for today - just a bunch of running around to do this morning, get off work early cause' I'm over on hours, start the weekend early as well. Which reminds me, gotta get Caleb on the way home today - no school, don't have to go home and then turn around, go get him and then go home again.

Actually a pleasant morning - gotta love that.
C'yall later ......

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