Saturday, May 30, 2009


So, I'm trying to do ANYTHING on this computer today and find everything dragging at a snail's pace.
History/temp files - deleted.
Went to "their" account to see if anything was going on there - nothing.
Decided to start Avast search through all files to see if something snuck through.
That is still running.
Then I went to "Installed Programs" - Actiontec Gateway.
I have no idea what that is, but I have encountered it before. Whatever it does, it slows the entire computer down, this from experience. Took a while to get the thing to come up and get it uninstalled, too. After I finally got it out of there, the system is back up and running again.

I was beginning to wonder if I would have to dump the entire operating system again and start over. That's always lovely - usually takes days to reinstall all my software, settings and such.

Onto other things. I'm watching with extreme curiosity, if nothing else, all the threats that N Korea is making about sending nukes every which way but loose. I'm a firm believer in the Bible, therefore, I have to take into account the book of Revelations, which is the most intriguing book in there, for me anyway. It basically paints the picture of the demise of this earth. The description that a 1/3rd of the earth is going to burn is what captivates me about this situation. Eventually, this world is going to end, at least if you believe the Bible, a guessing man might say that a nuclear war could certainly set a third of this earth on fire. Not that N Korea has any capability of inflicting that much damage - but - they have their allies.

Umm, so I have this hole to go out there and dig. Not really looking forward to that - it will have to be a big hole - but I have to get it done soon or kiss that tree a big goodbye. Certainly worth the attempt to replant it, give it some root shock therapy and see what happens.

My mom is finally back up on her property near the Mogollon Rim. Last year, she was at her house in Sun City, fell, broke her ankle and wasn't able to go up for the rest of the summer. I'm imagining she's loving it up there - and probably being a little more careful, I would hope anyway. I'm going to call her in a little while and bug her about carrying her cell phone with her at all times when she's up there alone. I called her yesterday - she did not have the phone with her and it took a while for her to answer.

If something like that were to happen to her up there, there would be no-one to help her. There are other people living up there, yes, but very doubtful they would happen to see anything. Her property is up off the dirt road - her trailer is well off the road and though you can see it from the road, there is way too much property for someone to just happen along and actually see anything.

I've had a couple more bites on the room rental - but nothing that has actually solidified into someone moving in here. I have noticed a great swelling of the numbers of rooms for rent on Craigslist. I do not, however, see a lot of it in my area - I will get someone in here eventually, just a matter of time. The strength of my location is it's proximity to a huge area filled with all kinds of industrial plants and businesses. Plus a university not far at all from here. Mostly, the people that have moved in here do so because of the proximity to this particular area of businesses, factories and industrial that they happen to work at. Worried? No. Just waiting.

Plenty to do this weekend - without having to spend money, either. The expenditure of money is not high on my list of things I want to do right now. Only for bills or food, nothing else. The price of fuel is going up and up again. That can only spell even more financial chaos for everyone that is suffering at the hands of unemployment, or people like me that are teetering on the edge. I have an ace in the hole right now, at least - I only owe $87 on the 401k loan. Pay it off and I can get another loan. And right now, that amount would be close to 3k if I really needed it. I am not planning on paying off the $87 early - only if I get into serious financial trouble will I do that. I'm still floating right now - barely. The ship is taking on water, the pumps are pumping it out as fast as it's coming in. Another blow of any kind right now and the ship is going to start to sink. So, thank God I have some kind of backup if it becomes absolutely necessary. My dad is going to send another small check - every bit counts right now. If he does, it will go either to the water bill or more electricity.

Ummm - as for now - I am enjoying coffee and some sort of serenity. My son plays jazz music all night long while he's sleeping, although it's not turned up high, it is enough to break the silence that I love on weekend mornings. Which doesn't matter, I need to get moving and get out there and start digging that hole.

Have a great day!

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