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The Potential Tenant.............

...............DID call. I gave up on her, actually, and was going to write the other person a note about holding the room - for a small deposit. At least a post-dated check if nothing else.
She did NOT say she was coming today. Something allegedly came up with her parents. Tomorrow doesn't work, either. No, Wednesday. Perhaps my good feeling about this is starting to vanish into thin air. I hate to put another potential off for a person that is - continuing to miss appointments. This is twice now. She claims she has Wednesday off and that would work for her. I said okay - I did not say, however, that if she puts me off on Wednesday, I will not be wanting to hear from her again.
Meanwhile, I was outside watering every plant on the property. I did a deep watering this weekend - but it's not enough in this heat. A light watering pretty much every day is necessary.
It started with the pine tree that I planted this weekend. IT must be kept wet. I see no other way fo…


Slept fairly well last night so I felt good today.
However, at work this morning, something triggered in my mind: I started painting her room yesterday and realized that she has taken my Direct TV receiver and remote control.
I wrote her 2 emails today about getting it back to me - immediately.
No reply.
Just 2 more items to add to the lawsuit list. I have contacted a handyman about getting the drywall repaired properly - my fix jobs don't look too shabby, actually, but her fix jobs are incredibly BAD. She just gobbed spackling over the holes and didn't bother to either smooth it out or sand it down. I have no intention on fixing the stuff - she will have to pay for it.
I started burning - really - when I realized she had taken my receiver and the remote. About $75 worth of electronics plus shipping and handling if ordered from Direct TV's site.
As soon as I get a written estimate of the damages from someone, I'm going to the courthouse and file a lawsuit. She …