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Another partial Mary post.
I wrote her again today - twice.
The second message was my final notice: Have someone contact me or email me about when she is going to bring back my Direct TV receiver and remote, or I'm calling the police and reporting it as stolen when I get home from work.

Nothing. True to my word, I just got off the phone with the Phoenix Police Department. They're going to take the complaint over the phone. I could sue her for the loss - and most certainly I will if it comes to that - but I have 2 prospects for tenancy now and I NEED it NOW, not a month or 2 or whenever the court date is set. If worse comes to worse, I'll have no choice but to buy a used receiver off of Craigslist with remote and then add that stuff to the lawsuit I am going to file against her. Oh, and if I wanted to treat her like she's treated me, I could have her arrested for committing a crime against me per the Order of Protection. I won't even try to do that, but the te…