Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've had a phone call and an email already from people interested in the room - amazing the difference that can be made by wording an ad differently and throwing some pics in.
The first guy - works in downtown Phoenix - I'm all of 8 miles away from there.
The second guy is starting a job a the Arizona Grande Resort - that's all of a mile and a half from my house.

Oh, and yes, this woman that was supposed to come twice now and didn't and then was supposed to come today - and didn't - well, I hope she doesn't bother calling me because I am going to politely tell her to bug off. I'm not sure how one does that politely, but I'll find a way.

The second guy - lives in North Phoenix currently which is a LONG ways off from the Arizona Grande. He also wants me to hold the room for 2 weeks, lol, until he gets his first paycheck. Probably this guy isn't going to end up with the room unless there is absolutely no-one else that wants it before then, cause' I don't want to wait that long to get money to start being generated from the rental of the room.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get even more inquiries by tomorrow and maybe get someone in here out of it. Just a little more optimistic now that I've got some leads, even if it's just words on a computer screen or a conversation on the phone.

As for me, I'm trashed - as in tired - and am headed off to bed early.


Took another trip to the Lost Dutchman State Park located just outside of Apache Junction, up against the Superstition Mountains. The park caters mostly to RV-ers but I think there are also camp/tent sites. This time of year? I doubt anyone is tenting out there. The problem with this place? Most certainly NOT designed for semi-trucks. One lane roads that curve around all over the place. I drove down about a 1,000 foot long road - to a dead end where the job-site is. Last time, I was able to pull through and out the other side, this time - not.

I had to back all the way out of there. Fortunately, there was no traffic at all to deal with and it was - an interesting ride anyway, just because of the turns in the road and the fact that there is anywhere from a 2 to 4 foot drop off at any given time on both sides of the road - and the fact that the road is JUST wide enough for the truck to fit on it.

So, allegedly, this lady is coming over today to look at the house. If she does not come this time, I'm blowing her off - this will make the 3rd missed appointment. I will know soon enough - she has Wednesdays off and is supposed to come between 3 and 5 pm. I'll see if the other person still needs a room reserved for him - he's coming to town on the 8th I think he said, if not, I'll run the ad again and continue my search.

I have no idea what the police have done about Mary. I think the guy was going to email her, apparently, to ask about this situation with her taking my Direct TV and remote. Apparently, Mary did not take me seriously when I said I was going to file a report with the Phoenix Police Department. How can you "accidentally" take something like that? You clearly don't own it. Anyway, if this has to be taken to court, I will have a report number to show to the judge to show at least that I was serious enough about it to take this kind of action. I don't know if Mary will lie about taking it or not, to be honest.

Today? 106. Doesn't feel that warm. I think I have gotten pretty good at tricking my mind to tell myself that this isn't that bad, and think what it's going to be like when it's 110 or more. Oh that it wouldn't GET that hot this summer. I mostly say that for the idea of electric bills - the higher the temps - obviously, the more use of AC to keep it cool in here.

I'm still watching with interest the developments of the crashed Airbus. One expert predicts they will never recover the blackboxes. Although that is certainly a possibility, I was just watching Air Crash Investigation of a commercial jet that went down over deep - deep - waters. They located the wreckage and then used some sort of machine that went down to the bottom - the found both boxes and brought them back up. It was thousands and thousands of feet down. I think this expert was basing it on not having the right equipment, but from what I've read, the right equipment is on it's way "as we speak". Certainly the world of aviation - who makes the Airbus, Boeing? - want to find out WHAT, exactly, happened to that plane. Certainly, if there's a flaw with the design or something that needs fixed, whatever it takes to find out the info is worth the price. They ALWAYS spend a lot of time and money on these investigations, I can't see that this one will be any different. I hope they are able to retrieve the boxes and get the data off of them.

In other news, a DPS officer had arrested a drunken driver today and put that individual in the back of his cruiser. Apparently, ANOTHER drunken driver smashed into the back of the cruiser, killing the woman inside of it. So I read, anyway. All I can say is, at least another cop didn't get killed this time. It's happened several times here - an officer is stopped on the side of the freeway, inside of his car, and some bright person smashes into the stopped cruiser, killing or seriously injuring the officer.

I'm ending this one. I ate at Filiberto's this morning - whatever was in that stuff, it is still churning in my stomach. It is not a good feeling with all of that acid - and I don't have anything to take to deal with it. Yuck.
C'ya later.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...