Friday, June 5, 2009


So, my prospects for a new tenant - haven't been that great.
A guy is coming into town on Sunday who says he wants to come look at it.
Another guy is starting a job at a resort that is about a mile and a half away from here and wants the room - but 2 weeks from Saturday.
Others have simply disappeared off the radar. One guy's deal-breaker is that I must have a garage for his vehicle and that he would pay extra rent - sorry - no garage, no, I ain't building one anytime soon.

So, I just entered another Craigslist ad for the room. There are so many Craigslist ads for room rentals running every day, there is apparently quite the competition going. However, most of those ads are not anywhere near the ideal location that I am at in thinking of getting to downtown Phoenix or ASU in Tempe or University of Phoenix only 3 miles away. Anyway, I figure to keep my ad up in the running by running a new one every day or every other day until the room is rented, while deleting the old ads in the process.

I just got paid and I am paying off the 401k loan. There is no sense in waiting, it's $50 - I am getting to the point where "The Button" is going to be pushed and I will be getting another loan. A $2,000 plus loan will stave off the wolves for quite a while - as long as I am prudent with the money, and rest assured, with the way things are going, it will be spent on bills and whatever repairs need to be done around here. That will not eat up too much of it - I will make it not do so - and I will have some money in the bank to fall back on.

The weekend is here. I won't say "finally" here - I'm only working 7 and a half hours a day. This morning, as I almost always do - I arrived early. I like to make a pot of coffee, drink several cups, look at the internet - N Korea making more threats and all the BS that goes on in the news - arriving at work and there is a customer waiting. Done with him, another customer shows up - halfway done with them and realize I haven't even signed in yet - mainly because it's before the store "officially" opens. A freight truck shows up. Anyway, the day passed quickly enough.

My plans for this weekend: finish painting the rental bedroom. Keep track of hours spent - already have receipts. I have 4 separate things to sue Mary for - but it will all be on one complaint. I still need to get an estimate for repairs to walls. I am apparently not going to get my DirectTV receiver and remote back from her, meaning I will have to go buy replacements. More fodder for a lawsuit - and MUCH more motivation to go file that suit.

I am also going to transplant one of the vines from it's current location to next to the trellises. I will then plant 3 of the other types of flowering plants I still have in containers in the proximity of where the removed vine was at. The transplanted tree - is showing it's dislike for the transplant. I am going to give it more root therapy and keep watering it. Really all I can do - it's up to the tree to hang on, re-root and take up it's life where it left off.

Today has been overcast, which I find very pleasant. The temps are coming back down, another surprise considering it's June and usually - at least from what I remember, much hotter than it's predicted to be for the next week or so than it's actually going to be.

I'll undoubtedly talk to my lady friend this weekend - but I have no great plans besides just getting things done around here. As for today? Water some plants and probably go to bed early.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...