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Dad; The Lifesaver

Well, maybe not quite that bad - but he did send me a $150 check today that is going almost entirely to electricity.
Sweating into the 2000's, I've been outside quite a bit cleaning up, watering, digging more holes.
I also started a good cleaning in here - a day earlier than normal because I potentially have yet another person coming over to look at the room.

However, pretty soon, I'm going to have to kick it into high gear and get in there and get the paint job done. I've been working outside so much, I simply haven't had the time to deal with it. First impressions are everything, if this guy does show up today (or possibly tomorrow - per this person and his military schedule - allegedly a staff sargeant) - I want the room ready. It really doesn't take that long to paint a room - but - it's a big room and it will take a little longer, albeit one wall is done excepting the trim work.

In actuality, I really never have woken up today. I woke up this m…


Amazing that the temps are staying as low as they are, considering we're starting to get into June pretty good. Projected highs for the next week are under 100, even after that, they're at 100. Not bad to work in and definitely helps keep cooling costs down - versus 110 and on up. I imagine we'll get there eventually, but I'll take whatever reprieves in finances going out that I can find.

The latest ad - has generated absolutely zero interest. Not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Just keep hoping that someone replies, as I'm not interested in going too low in the rent price. Couple of reasons. 1. Not worth having a person coming in using as much as it costs to have another person in here and then - not having much of anything on top of that. 2. If other tenants find out they're paying low then them, that could definitely cause some unrest in the ranks. 3. Why bother. The amount coming in from any single person must be enough to make it wo…