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FINALLY - I have rented out the room.
The guy that came earlier today - it's almost 4:00pm - and I clearly stated to him - and everyone else - first come, first served. I have check in hand. He isn't moving in until Tuesday, so I prorated this month for the rent payment - have check in hand.

Short and sweet, the man hopefully not a lunatic and seems normal enough. He is moving because his current roommate is moving and he can't swing the entire rent by himself. He works at the airport - which is like less than 5 miles from here to the entrance, much shorter directlyl to the edge of the airstrip - fenced of course - if you wanna watch em take off up close.

He will not, however, be a long-term renter. I doubt it, anyway. He is expecting an inheritance to come through - he has siblings that are fighting it in court, so it may drag on for who knows how long - but he claims to expect 500k as his share if/when the court hands it out. Whatever, I have temporary reprieve - a…


Well, I finished the paint project except for the clean up - when the potential tenant called, wanting to show up early. He's a student in some University in Indiana, down here for the summer to work at U.S. Airways - doing some sort of office type work. They have a corporate headquarters in downtown Tempe.

I thought the guy was 18 years old, to be honest, but - he said he's 28. Anyway, gave him the tour, he sounded interested - but - he had other places he wanted to check before making a decision.

Not throwing a wet blanket over my own party, but that pretty much tells me he isn't interested. I could be wrong - so beit. Find out one way or the other by the end of today, as he wants a place to stay - starting today. I just think he's looking for a furnished room and probably someone, somewhere, has one that is probably nicely furnished.

So, my next plan of attack is to get the room put back together, cleaned up and take pictures of the actual room, versus what I hav…


Another nice, quiet Sunday morning. No TV on, no video games - just peace and quiet. On a Sunday morning where I am experiencing this and the boys come out - I just tell them to go find something else to do, cause' the TV's are staying off until further notice.

I was a little surprised that this sargeant did not call me back yesterday after he said he was going to do so. This concerning renting the room. I've had so many people bug out - they say they're coming and they don't show - but - that's the nature of Craigslist. Many people complain about it, there's really nothing you can actually do about it.

I did write the man a note asking him if he is still interested, but that's as far as it goes. Meanwhile, yet another individual is supposed to show up at 2:00 this afternoon. At this point, I won't hold my breath - but I will finish the painting job in the room - just need to finish the trim work. Unfortunately, I think I may have to buy ano…