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Took a trip in the semi out to Florence today - a nice little drive - delivered some concrete meter boxes - well, delivered a LOT of concrete meter boxes - and then came back to the yard. There were no more deliveries. I ended up going through locations in the warehouse to make sure that each item we sell is in the place that the computer says it is. We are doing our semi-annual inventory soon, we always go through locations to make sure they're correct, and we usually also do a pre-inventory count to see if the actual numbers on the shelf are the same as the what the computer says we have.

DirectTV - after QUITE a lot of talking back and forth - I was not giving up unless they hung up on me - actually has agreed to replace the receiver for free. That's the one Mary took and that I have filed a police report about. They are allegedly calling back tonight - it was getting far too late last night, after ten o'clock which is well past my bedtime - to get the serial numbe…