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I haven't yet heard anything from the new renter - I told him I was holding his check until today. Tomorrow, I am depositing it unless I hear something different from him. I assume he's moving in, just haven't received a phone call from him yet. Of course - if he didn't move in - another person responded to the $475 per month ad that is interested, lol.

I get a call from a Loan Mod place today. Tell you right now, the guy trying to sell me on his firm's version of it sounded like a used car salesman - at best. He tells me to check the BBB concerning his company. I said yes, I will also be reading every word on whatever you are faxing over to me - I wanted to see what kind of fine print is on the paperwork. I told him I would read everything over - but that I was at work. So, I leave work, get home, this yodel calls me again. Wants me to send in the Authorization Form which authorizes them to work on my behalf. Yeah, right, I'll just do that right now…