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So, Caleb went out looking for a job today. He went to 5 different places around where his mother lives. At the Alberston's grocery store, he filled out an application on their computer kiosk and then left. He called me right after he left, I told him to go back in, find a manager, and tell that person you just applied through the computer, if you need any help I am available and I would really appreciate consideration for whatever position.

He did just that, too. That manager wasn't sure whether they needed help or not, but - to just fill out an app and not at least approach a manager may be a waste of time. I was proud of him going around to all those places and cracking the whip. I encouraged him not to get discouraged if nothing comes through right away - times are tough and a lot of people are looking for jobs. But he's got good references and the JR ROTC to list as something he's doing with both school and extra-curricular activities, can't hurt to wr…