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Friday - Late

What a day.
When I found out about the pipe situation this morning, it set in gear a non-stop cascade of things going on that had me busting @$$ all day long.
The situation is that one of our salesmen placed and order with a pipe company 2 and a half weeks ago. He found out yesterday that the pipe company was "sitting" on the order, had not done anything about getting the pipe onto a truck and sent here from Texas.
So, we ordered enough pipe for the contractor to be able to work tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow, starting at 4:00am, they are working a long shift. These aren't the greatest times to be having to pay workers OT, so they must be on a tight schedule to get the job done.
I'm at the pipe manufacturer's place in west Phoenix. When I arrived, I found out the pipe lengths were 14 footers instead of the normal 20 footers, which set the whole thing up into the air. I had the truck set up to put on 20 footers - I already had pallets and other pipe on there. We&#…


Settling into a "new" routine - the new tenant is up at 2:00 am and is at work at the airport at 3:00 am. I have asked about the noise levels - he's quiet as a mouse. This guy is, from what I can tell, your basic, ideal tenant. Has enough money he doesn't have to mooch, keeps quiet, talks normally, etc etc etc.

I just got to work - have not signed in yet. A pleasant surprise awaited me this morning when I found several deliveries had been dumped into our truck routing system after I left yesterday. I do call this pleasant because this will keep me busy for at least most of the morning.

Another continuing pleasant surprise is the weather. The temps are not showing to go over 100 for at least another week. Actually, for being this far into June, that is shocking. Shockingly good, yes, but - truly amazing.

Ummm, and there is a truck driver here already wanting me to unload his truck. I'm usually firm but polite - we don't open until 6:30am - that's…