Saturday, June 13, 2009


Went to bed early enough last night that I woke up just before 6:00 am.
I decided that I could not afford to pass up an offer that would only set me back a few dollars, so I went and got a few of those Sassoo trees.
But - it isn't just Sassoo trees, it's an entire nursery going out of business. I don't really need anything else in terms of plants and stuff for my yard excepting some vines to grow on the trellises - they were sold out of those. Which is okay, I have a vine already growing at one end of it and shortly after putting up 2 of the trellises I had purchases a small - but different kind - of vine to put near the center of them and I am going to transplant another vine which is out of place where it's at and put it next to the trellises as well.

I pointed out a row of desert trees they had - people have told me they are weeds, I firmly disagreed after seeing them being used in landscaping designs in various places around Phoenix. Sure enough, they are definitely a desert tree. They grow like weeds - yes. The tall one on my side yard was maybe 3 feet tall last year, it's now almost 8 feet tall. The man explained that they put out seeds like crazy and that's why I have about 8 more of them growing near it. I intend on transplanting the small ones just before they get too big to transplant - otherwise - I am going to have a stand of trees that are all together like a giant shrub. I think several of them out front near the house and the side walls would look excellent. Providing they survive the transplant, of course.

The man touted the virtues of Miracle Grow - something I have heard about all my life but have only used a few times. He said on the Sassoos, I could use the stuff weekly and those trees would also start growing like weeds. He further explained that if I keep trimming the Sassoos, they would grow out a nice, wide canopy about 30 to 40 feet wide when they mature. Or, you can do nothing and they will grow as tall as 60 feet but only be about 10 feet wide. I was thinking of what a situation like that would look like - the tall but narrow tree style - if I had enough of them to plant in a row. 60 foot tall trees would shade the house completely during the hot summer months, and these trees look nice. But - a 40 foot tall tree with a nice canopy would look nice, too. Better decide quickly - I want to get them in the ground today or tomorrow.

I was asking him about a cacti I have in my front yard. He provided some amazing information about it - actually them - I have 2 of them out there. They are narrow cacti right now, but - as they grow, the get up to 18 feet tall and TEN FEET wide! Whoa, Nelly, good information. Where that those 2 are planted now is NOT a good place for a plant that is going to get THAT fat. In fact, I don't WANT a plant that wide. He said just don't water them too much and they will grow slowly but still look good. Well of course - isn't that the nature of cactus? They don't need a lot of water and really don't want a lot, either.

So, I have some work to do in planting those trees and transplanting numerous other already planted plants.

Long interlude. I have one of the trees planted and a couple more holes started. The ground is so incredibly hard and rocky around here, it takes starting a hole and then watering it and doing such until you can get a tree and some mulch in there. I also was looking at an array of plants on the east side of my house - one of them is starting to show signs of underwatering. I decided I better trench around all of those plants and create a situation where you can fill the whole thing with water and be assured that the ground is getting saturated well into it. That project is now half done.

I also started digging a hole to transplant the vine and have decided to take out a plant that is out of place by the trellises and put it in the front where there are several of them that are doing quite nicely out there.

The only drawback to all of this work is that the sun is shining brightly and I can feel the "tanning" effect on my face. Must get some sunblock. I had my shirt off for a while - but in that kind of sun, 30 minutes is too long if you are a very white person underneath the clothing like I am. In fact, I can feel the warmth on my back as I am sitting here - I left it exposed too long as it is. No big deal - not long enough to get a burn that causes you pain for a week - been there done that.

My break is over and I'm headed back outside. It feels good to work in the yard.

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