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Went to bed early enough last night that I woke up just before 6:00 am.
I decided that I could not afford to pass up an offer that would only set me back a few dollars, so I went and got a few of those Sassoo trees.
But - it isn't just Sassoo trees, it's an entire nursery going out of business. I don't really need anything else in terms of plants and stuff for my yard excepting some vines to grow on the trellises - they were sold out of those. Which is okay, I have a vine already growing at one end of it and shortly after putting up 2 of the trellises I had purchases a small - but different kind - of vine to put near the center of them and I am going to transplant another vine which is out of place where it's at and put it next to the trellises as well.

I pointed out a row of desert trees they had - people have told me they are weeds, I firmly disagreed after seeing them being used in landscaping designs in various places around Phoenix. Sure enough, they are defin…