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The New JS

I am copying and pasting a post I made to whatever that place is called - KCL. I have not decided yet. I have become so nicely comfortable with THIS place, but - Westy offered to put up my old template from JS. Very tempting.

Anyway, on with the show.

My complaints with this site.

I HATE the green headers, good Lord. Might as well put a row of frogs up there, it's totally ugly.

It's totally foreign. So I'm a blog illiterate, I make no claims of computer literacy. Therefore, I am the perfect person to identify for blogging complaints in terms of use. It takes me a while to figure out where everything is and how to use it. I'm pretty comfortable with Blogspot - and here we go - an apparent ex-JS favorite site pops up.

Okay, you can tell me it's been here a while, nice. So has Swine Flu and I don't see anyone clamoring to acquire that - or the kid that died of Bubonic Plague recently.

I am not equating this blog host with anything negative, I've just b…


I heard something last night that just made me shake my head.
Michael's brother, Anthony. I mean, how is this kid going to survive in the real world? Is he going to live with his mother forever?
Last night, I'm sitting there listening to the boys talk about Anthony's life as it stands right now. He stays in the house all day long, smoking pot and getting drunk.
That's it. He apparently has sniffed out a girl a couple of townhouses down that he is allegedly hitting on. He paces around the house, back and forth, back and forth.

I won't go into all of how I feel about that entire situation over there again, as I have done it too many times and it isn't worth wasting my time. One thing that got me yesterday, though was when Michael and JD went to JD's house to play basketball. JD is being raised by an 82 year old grandmother. Michael is Mexican, JD is black. When they got back, Michael was all up in a huff. JD's grandmother had come out of the hous…