Monday, June 15, 2009


A rather cruel day if I do say so myself. I worked too hard this weekend outside around the house and I paid for it today. I was tired, cranky and just wanted the work day to get over with.
Plus there were snafu's with a particular salesman and his inside salesman - those 2 are always creating problems.
Tomorrow looks to be a little better concerning work as I will be driving out to far east Queen Creek to deliver 40 foot lengths of HDPE pipe - thick, hard plastic pipe used for high pressure water delivery - and then to Casa Grande, then to the Indian Reservation and if there's time, a entire load of large diameter water pipe to deliver Wednesday.

I'm tired - but I am going back outside in a little while to pick up where I left off yesterday. I have several plants in the ground that I just put in this weekend and they must be watered daily for a while to keep them alive and growing. Plus, I am going to finish within the next week or so in planting the rest of the plants I acquired at that auction last year.

I am going to post this entry on 2 sites - so this next part really has nothing to do with Blogspot. My other site that I just started is at There is no use going over there if you are reading this entry cause' it ain't gonna be no different.
I will reiterate what I said on the comments section of yesterday's entry (at KCL) - I do NOT hate the site! I just do NOT like having to try and learn an entire blogging host's site all over again. I have already learned a dozen of them anyway and this one looks a lot different than any of the rest of them.

Which does NOT make it a bad place - it's just ME, me innate desire to NOT have to go through all of that yet again. I have no idea what happened with Diane and apparently the administrators of KCL - it sounds like it got rather ugly. Such is the nature of the beast - all blogging sites get that kind of junk going on at points in time with no rhyme or reason. Certainly I remember JS having more than it's share of people getting ugly with each other. I mostly tried to avoid all of that stuff, but I did end up in the middle of some of it (to be honest about it).
So I'm here (at KCL to delineate) - I'll give it a shot. But at least for now I'll be posting the same posts to both my Blogspot site and KCL.

As for the women portion - we are planning our first in-person meeting on the weekend of the 4th of July. I have not seen this lady yet, but we have talked at great length via email; IM's and phone conversations. We have hit it off really well.

I spoke with mom yesterday - she went up north to her property, entered her travel trailer only to find the dead bodies of mice and the stench of it permeated throughout. She couldn't take it - I imagine she cleaned all of that up but then she came back to the valley. She mentioned that she has tried all kinds of venues to get rid of them. I offered that if she would get a cat, that would deal with the problem handily.

We have feral cats at work and they have elminiated the rodent population. They are now working on the huge consortium of pigeons - a bird I love to hate. I offered that I could catch a feral cat at my house and she could take it up there and see what happens. She was afraid it would just leave. So beit - she hates cats as much as I do. I did not suggest to her that it be an indoor cat, I suggested just take the thing up there, let it out of it's cage and see what happens.

She commented that her neighbor up there had tried the same thing - it ended up leaving his property and moving to a property near a stream down the hill. Cats are highly adaptable creatures that can survive in just about any setting. I don't have any other suggestions for her other than getting some kind of housing up there that won't allow rodents to be able to get into the place. So, she's plenty bummed - she loves her property up there and loves to spend time at it.

I've 90% talked myself into getting another 401k loan after I pay it off - which will be tomorrow, I'm sending the $52 check in the mail. I have lost too much income to tenants - starting late last year - and up through the point that I had to have Mary removed from my home. For those that don't know - sorry - long story. Well, the short of it is she was smoking meth IN my house, I got an order of protection, a scuffle occured late one night, the police came, she's gone. I could get caught up on my mortgage and also have money left over.

I haven't fully talked myself into it by any means, but - I'm getting closer to it.
As for now? I'm going to take a short nap and then go outside and get at it.

Have a great day!
PS - concerning the KCL site - WHAT other bens are there? I don't remember seeing anyone with that name on JS?!!!

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