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A rather cruel day if I do say so myself. I worked too hard this weekend outside around the house and I paid for it today. I was tired, cranky and just wanted the work day to get over with.
Plus there were snafu's with a particular salesman and his inside salesman - those 2 are always creating problems.
Tomorrow looks to be a little better concerning work as I will be driving out to far east Queen Creek to deliver 40 foot lengths of HDPE pipe - thick, hard plastic pipe used for high pressure water delivery - and then to Casa Grande, then to the Indian Reservation and if there's time, a entire load of large diameter water pipe to deliver Wednesday.

I'm tired - but I am going back outside in a little while to pick up where I left off yesterday. I have several plants in the ground that I just put in this weekend and they must be watered daily for a while to keep them alive and growing. Plus, I am going to finish within the next week or so in planting the rest of the plants I…