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A total waste of man-hours/truck-hours spent.
On what, you say?
I worked late yesterday in getting pipe from a manufacturer after driving around doing everything else. I was an hour and a half over on time.
Today, I took that pipe out to the contractor.
I then went back to the yard and reloaded the truck, strapped it down, did the paperwork. Truck was running, I was about to leave.
The boss pulls the cord.
The contractor doesn't want ANY of the material, including the pipe I delivered!

Ever since new housing construction went to Hades, this kind of thing happens. And yes, this is a new housing site being built - but it's on the rez. Meaning that it's probably paid for by the tribal government and probably, the people getting that housing don't actually PAY anything for it.

And, it's the tribe that is causing this chaos.

Whatever. I got off work early today. That because of yesterday's late stay. Like, I was home at 1:20 pm. Well, the homeless guys that were h…