Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, Michael comes back - yesterday. He left the day before stating "I'm going home". What made it unusual was the fact that he had a backpack stuffed with clothes. He had made no mention to me of his departure - at least some kind of verbage about his departure, how long he's going to be gone etc etc etc would be - respectful if nothing else.

It was obvious by his tones and his backpack he intended on being away for awhile. Perhaps the root cause of that decision was that I banned him from the computer for an entire month - we are only 4 days into this banning.

So - he comes walking through the door last night. Umm, well, for those that may not know - since I'm starting here fresh - Michael is a kid that has been living with me for about 5 years now - very, VERY long story involved. My son brought him home one day and he basically never left. I'm looking at him - what's up - thought you were going to be gone awhile?

He starts in on the fact that it's "so hard to sleep there" - people walking in and out all night long, making all kinds of noise. I assume, as everywhere else, he does not have his own bed there, but, more likely, sleeping in the living room. I started bringing up the past. I would like for him to take a moment to realize how well I have treated him here, considering the fact he's not my own kid, I don't have anything to do with his bloodlines and only took him in because of the unbelievable living situations that were going on at his house at the time. Of course, regardless - the computer ban is still on.

Anyway. Work was not exactly slow today, but it definitely wasn't full of things to do, either. I look at it in terms of gross profit, and today, GP wasn't enough to pay a day's worth of hourly labor, much less actually get into the net profit range.

And so it is. It's already late - lots going on around here and I just find myself getting dragged into the middle of it frequently. Nothing terribly bad or serious, but I always have to play the mitigator's role if it comes to that. Friday's a comin' and I am ready for another weekend of working around the house. I still have several things I need and want to get done.

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have a great evening!


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