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So, Michael comes back - yesterday. He left the day before stating "I'm going home". What made it unusual was the fact that he had a backpack stuffed with clothes. He had made no mention to me of his departure - at least some kind of verbage about his departure, how long he's going to be gone etc etc etc would be - respectful if nothing else.

It was obvious by his tones and his backpack he intended on being away for awhile. Perhaps the root cause of that decision was that I banned him from the computer for an entire month - we are only 4 days into this banning.

So - he comes walking through the door last night. Umm, well, for those that may not know - since I'm starting here fresh - Michael is a kid that has been living with me for about 5 years now - very, VERY long story involved. My son brought him home one day and he basically never left. I'm looking at him - what's up - thought you were going to be gone awhile?

He starts in on the fact that it&…