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A detective from the Phoenix Police Department calls me today. Concerning Mary taking my Direct TV receiver box and accompanying remote. I cannot, of course, actually prove that she took it as I did not see her walking out with it.

The detective took her email address and said he was going to send her an email about it. I simply stated I wanted the box and the remote back, if she would do that, I would drop the charges. As it stands, I sent her 5 emails about it, none of which she replied to, so - I don't have a problem WITH pressing charges if they could actually find the thing in her possession - I gave them the serial number of the unit. Unlikely to ever happen - but - if the police can't get it back, I'm definitely including it in the lawsuit.

It has been totally overcast all day long - a wonderful welcome to the weekend. I don't think it got past 95 today, though it was at least somewhat humid. It has been the least warmest June since - I think the news said…