Friday, June 19, 2009


A detective from the Phoenix Police Department calls me today. Concerning Mary taking my Direct TV receiver box and accompanying remote. I cannot, of course, actually prove that she took it as I did not see her walking out with it.

The detective took her email address and said he was going to send her an email about it. I simply stated I wanted the box and the remote back, if she would do that, I would drop the charges. As it stands, I sent her 5 emails about it, none of which she replied to, so - I don't have a problem WITH pressing charges if they could actually find the thing in her possession - I gave them the serial number of the unit. Unlikely to ever happen - but - if the police can't get it back, I'm definitely including it in the lawsuit.

It has been totally overcast all day long - a wonderful welcome to the weekend. I don't think it got past 95 today, though it was at least somewhat humid. It has been the least warmest June since - I think the news said 1918. I have only spent $164.19 at this moment on electricity this month. Last June, I spent over $400. I am getting a break on the electric usage, which is quite good for me right now. The highs are expected to go back to normals this time of year by this week's end, I'm hoping for a continued reprieve - the forecasters have been wrong several times now about the expected highs this month. It won't last forever, I understand - but - dang it's nice outside right now!

I'm watching with great interest the situation with North Korea as it unfolds. Of particular interest is the Navy warship that is apparently going to follow and even hound the N Korean ship that is suspected of possibly having "contraband" on board. Of even further interest is whether N Korea is going to - somehow - start a war with the U.S. Impossible for them to bring it to our soil, I guess they would have to attack our military that's in the DMZ. My thought is that they are trying to provoke and attack and hope that China backs them. I wouldn't totally say unlikely - but I find it highly doubtful.

Mother wants Caleb to go up to her property from Monday to Thursday. I don't have a problem with it - I'm sure she'll put him to work, hopefully she'll give him something for his time as there are several things she wants done up there - I don't know if the ex will have same-said problem or not, since it's during her time to have him. However, I have let her have him during my time to him on countless occasions - I have always said yes just to keep the peace if nothing else.

Because of the temperate weather today, the soil around my plants was still moist when I got home today. No need to water any of it excepting that of which is still in plastic pots - already done.

There isn't much else. Some projects are on hold for lack of finances to finish them. I will be going out into the desert near my house this weekend and see if I can spot enough large rocks to do what I would like to do on the east side of my house: build a walkway with them. Meaning I would have to find rocks with at least one flat surface on them. Look, everybody around these parts has walkways made out of the same pavers or flagstone. The look is tired out. The rocks would be free - though getting them over here would certainly be arduous work. I think I wouldn't mind that much. The area I want to look in is only 2 blocks from my house, and certainly, it would be a drawn out thing, not something I would look to get done in a weekend. Well, wish me luck on that one, I think it a good idea and will look good - IF - sufficient rocks of what I want are out there. Free is good, too!

Oh, well anyway, I would dig out holes to fit the size of each rock - flat surface facing up of course. It would be a natural walkway whose allure would be far greater than that of what I have seen around the Phoenix area so far. I am trying to come up with something different than what everyone else has. I believe the only thing illegal to remove from the desert is Saguaro cactus. I was just thinking - what if someone saw me loading rocks into the trunk of my car. Around here? Wouldn't surprise me if someone called the police. Yes, officer, I'm "stealing" rocks. Lol. The reason the project would take quite a long time is simply for the fact that this walkway would go the entire length of my house on the east side and around the south side of the house to connect with the cement walkway at the back of my house. Looking at about 95 feet. Now, it doesn't need to be terribly wide, the whole idea is the look of it. After that, I'm still trying to come up with something unique to put down on the the rest of the bare ground besides landscaping granite.

I think the answer to that is the ground covering plants.

Anyway - Father's day is Sunday, I'm treating myself to a Ribeye steak. Basha's has a 20 ounce steak on sale for $7.99 each. That will be the jist of Sunday. Tomorrow I have more posts to cement into the ground for my trellis project, of which I had put on hold because I have been digging holes for more plants.

Of course, when I consider all the work being done around here - I often also consider whether it's going to be a waste of time: will I actually be able to KEEP this place? Hmmm, well, I'm $26 away from paying off my 401k loan - another loan will be available for the purpose of keeping my house and not losing it to foreclosure. No, I am not receiving foreclosure warnings - but - my financial situation has seriously deteriorated over the course of this year.

Well, enough of that and this post.
A big thank you to Westy for putting up the template for my blog - she originally made this for the JS blog I had. Thought I'd never see this again!
Have a great evening!

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