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I was sitting here dreaming of going to that nursery that is going out of business to get a few more plants - but - pretty much out of the question. Well, I dunno, maybe a couple at the $5 price wouldn't kill the budget - but what budget is there?
I've done the numbers over and over. Really? I'm still floating. I'm not going to say everything is hunky dory, but with 3 tenants and if my job holds out and they don't cut any more hours - I will survive this. Lots of if's there.

At this point, when a tenant leaves, they leave in their wake this precious element called "time". The time it takes to get a new tenant to take their place is the time that I am not getting that income for the empty room. I would have never thought that I would have to resort to having to have 3 tenants in here. I figured 2 at most. Well, at least - pretty much anyway - most everyone either keeps to themselves or are nice enough people that it doesn't really matter. Of…