Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was sitting here dreaming of going to that nursery that is going out of business to get a few more plants - but - pretty much out of the question. Well, I dunno, maybe a couple at the $5 price wouldn't kill the budget - but what budget is there?
I've done the numbers over and over. Really? I'm still floating. I'm not going to say everything is hunky dory, but with 3 tenants and if my job holds out and they don't cut any more hours - I will survive this. Lots of if's there.

At this point, when a tenant leaves, they leave in their wake this precious element called "time". The time it takes to get a new tenant to take their place is the time that I am not getting that income for the empty room. I would have never thought that I would have to resort to having to have 3 tenants in here. I figured 2 at most. Well, at least - pretty much anyway - most everyone either keeps to themselves or are nice enough people that it doesn't really matter. Of course, I have also even thought about FOUR tenants - but I think that's just out of the question. Take that back - nothing is out of the question if it's the difference between saving the home from foreclosure or not.

Anyway, my next plan is to simply call the mortgage company - and keep calling them, as I do when I have a problem with some service with any company and hope I eventually get the right set of ears listening. I have also entertained the idea of simply applying for my own loan mod. I have been acquiring this data from all of these companies I have been talking to - it sounds to me as if all they are doing is compiling a complete bundle of information about you, your finances, what has happened to your finances, a letter from the homeowner about the hardship - and offering it to the mortgage company.

My doubts about these modification companies is that, though they guarantee you your money back - is the question of whether you actually WILL get your money back if they fail. I don't trust any of them. It isn't going to hurt me to put together my own package. If it fails, it fails - it only cost me time, not 2 grand like all these places want. Besides, mortgage rates are going back up - I could probably still see at least a point and a half or more reduction in the interest rate.

Well, whatever. I'm behind on the mortgage, yes, but not foreclosure amount of time behind is all I can say about that.

I noticed this morning that these Sissoo trees put out pods. Assuming those pods have seeds in them, I will take some of them and see if I can start growing some from seed. I'm expecting that tomorrow, I will basically be taking the day off for Father's day and eating a large, thick juicy steak - of which every single grocery store around here has a huge sale on. Though - Safeway I found has the best deal and I am going to visit them in a little while to get some of that deal. Oh, and don't forget the baked potato and sour cream with that! And a vegetable - and whatever else!

Have a great Saturday!

My plan for today accomplished. Hook the trailer up to the Jeep for the first time, haul it over to the town where my stuff is in storage, ...