Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday/Father's Day

Well, I've spent more time working around here today than not- which was not really on the agenda. Considering it's Father's Day, I figured to laze around watching movies.
So, yes, I've watched one movie and am into the second one, but - I've pulled out a tree; dug 2 more holes for plants; finished another hole and planted another plant; watered everything; done several loads of laundry; almost finished cleaning my room and my bathroom plus vacuumed the living room and hallway. Oh, and I didn't cheat: all laundry has been hung outside to dry, and considering the temps out there, it hasn't taken long for anything to turn as hot as it might if you turn the dryer off before the cool-down cycle.

I haven't decided whether I'm done for the day or not - but I definitely have to at least take down the last load of laundry on the lines and finish cleaning my room.

So, it's been this father's day to do the same things around here and more that I normally do on any given weekend.

I'm not complaining. Well, cep't removing that tree. It was the pine tree I got from Karen's place. It didn't survive and only when the whole tree started turning brown did I believe it was totally dead, beyond resuscitation. The needles on it were stuff and stuck into my skin/pants and skin/shirt and skin/also leaving small fragments in my flesh. No, that wasn't very much fun at all.

My problem is simple: When I get up to get something done, I get that done and then "remember" something else that has been put on hold that I would like to move along or finish, so I go work on that.

Well that's it. 4th of July weekend looms - what - 2 weeks away? It's not set in stone yet, but we are definitely wanting to meet - the lady and I, that is.

I sent her a photo of myself today.


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