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I'm having trouble, for whatever reason I really can't quite pinpoint, warming up to KCL. It's not the people - I really just can't pinpoint it. I really feel like THIS is my home, to be honest. I've stated it several times: I'm sick of moving around blog to blog, just find one and stay with it. If people come, great, if they don't, the purpose of the daily journal stands. Maybe with time I'll start to getting a feel for KCL and start feeling like it's a home?

I was out working in the rather hot sun this afternoon digging yet more holes. These plants either need to get planted or I need to get rid of them. Leaving them in plastic pots indefinitely isn't doing anything. I have 3 or 4 more plants left to go and it's done. It will cost no more in water to water them in the ground than it has been watering them in the pots - I just had to dig so many holes in that rock-filled soil, I got tired of it and stopped. Not anymore - I had 3 bo…


Caleb left early this morning, even earlier than I get out of bed.
Where was he going?
With my mother up to her property for the week.
I was all for it - she needs some help up there and undoubtedly, she will put him to work. I do hope, however, if it gets carried away, that she gives him a little something for the effort. I know she has fencing to repair and a lot of cleanup since last year's pine needles and weeds and whatever have popped up.

As for what the boys do while I'm working away all over the place around my house - whatever I tell them to. Really. Michael used to get pissy about it, but now he just does whatever I ask him to. Caleb never says a word. I have them cleaning up the dog dung frequently at this point. I also get them vacuuming the entire house, taking out the trash, just various "mundane"/daily chores like that.

However, I gave Caleb a break this weekend because I know his grandma's gonna make him slave away up there - again I think i…