Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday - More

More? Yes, I posted on KCL already.
But - I went outside after writing that and noticed plants that I had just watered yesterday -- wilting.
I MUST get a drip system in. I WISH I could afford to do so. Even at the cheap amount of money it would cost to do such a thing - just out of the question. Or not. I haven't really decided yet - but probably, you will read an entry soon that says something about my buying the parts of the system and then going on to install it.

It's not just about saving the plants, it's also about effective watering. Lots of water can be wasted in trying to water as much as I am trying to do in a short period of time. A drip system is simply turned on, the emitters place the water wherever you have predetermined it to drip at - the water goes to the root system instead of all over the place.

Fry's is having an awesome sale this week on all kinds of stuff - the 10 for thing. You buy 10 of any single item and the price is GREATLY reduced. BUT - for those that carefully read the ad - you can MIX and MATCH. You can buy 10 of anything that is on that particular sale. If you go over 10? You'd better go from 10 to 20, because it only works in 10's. Kudos to Fry's today as well - my visit there was nice and I had no complaints. In fact, I'll just copy and paste a portion of the entry from KCL over here.

""""""""OH, and I made a trip to Fry’s today. Exuberant? Yes, actually! I think every single employee in that place knows me now (not personally of course, I just go in there quite frequently). They always wave at me - a lot of them anyway - and say hi. I’m totally serious. The store manager - really he’s a pretty cool guy - saw me and said hello, how ya doing? I’m good, thanks, how are you? I moved on as I wasn’t finished shopping, but I was amazed at the pleasantries being offered all over the place by fully half a dozen different employees. It’s amazing because of the complaints I’ve made against the place. BUT, they have all been legitimate complaints - I don’t complain against companies until/if/unless/when they do something that isn’t right.

I have not complained about the store manager, though. He is very pro-active and I do believe he demands extremely good customer service out of all of his employees - which would be everyone working the store of course. As a regular customer - and one who spends a lot of money at that particular store - I WANT good service. Well, I want good service anywhere, whether it’s my first visit or my 1,000th. Anyway, he magically appeared at the checkout I was at and actually initiated a conversation. He even remembered what we were talking about the last time I axed him a question (sorry, I hear that word pronounced that way in my house all the time, I just HAD to type it that way! LOL!) - which was -umm this weekend? about the ribeye on sale. Anyway, I was determined today to make a good trip out of it regardless of what happened, and it was so.

Now, when I checked out, paid for everything, and looked at my receipt - and proceeded to head to the back of the store to the meat department, well, he also magically appeared near there. But I wasn’t complaining - I just picked up the wrong package of brats - the brand that was not on sale.

I know, sounds corny - a good trip to a grocery store, but - I have had a lot of bad trips to grocery stores compliments to poor customer service and most certainly not only at Fry’s. But I won’t go into my trip to Safeway the other day and the people behind the counter ignoring me standing there and when I finally asked, they tell me I would have to wait (NO other customers were at the counter!) and that I got the store’s general manager to serve me - oh, well I sorta went into that, didn’t I? - cause I don’t stand for pissy customer service. """""""""""

It's still quite hot outside right now and I'm going to wait to do anything else out there. The vulnerable plants are watered, I planted another plant - I just want to haul more rocks out front. Good exercise and I love working around my house - I just don't love the feeling that my brains are frying and my skin is turning into cooked bacon.

Have a great evening!

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