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Wednesday - More

More? Yes, I posted on KCL already.
But - I went outside after writing that and noticed plants that I had just watered yesterday -- wilting.
I MUST get a drip system in. I WISH I could afford to do so. Even at the cheap amount of money it would cost to do such a thing - just out of the question. Or not. I haven't really decided yet - but probably, you will read an entry soon that says something about my buying the parts of the system and then going on to install it.

It's not just about saving the plants, it's also about effective watering. Lots of water can be wasted in trying to water as much as I am trying to do in a short period of time. A drip system is simply turned on, the emitters place the water wherever you have predetermined it to drip at - the water goes to the root system instead of all over the place.

Fry's is having an awesome sale this week on all kinds of stuff - the 10 for thing. You buy 10 of any single item and the price is GREATLY reduced.…