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Caleb was returned safely home yesterday by my mother from his mountain trip.
I thought it good for him to spend some time with grandma.
He said they went for hikes, checked out local views, and worked.
Grandma's treat for all the hard work was a trip to a "killer"/local steakhouse.
My son is a big fan of a nice, thick juicy steak.
I just happen to have some left from those that I bought the other day.

The unknown element of just exactly how long you are or are not going to live was certainly demonstrated well by the death of MJ. There are numerous days I start out thinking that exact thing: this could be the last day of my life. It isn't a morbid though, or something to engage fear, just simply a message to myself to live life to it's fullest - whatever that capacity may be for that given day. MJ certainly wasn't old by my standards.

Last night, I was having nightmares and woke up in the midst of it an identified what most Christians will understand a…