Friday, June 26, 2009


Caleb was returned safely home yesterday by my mother from his mountain trip.
I thought it good for him to spend some time with grandma.
He said they went for hikes, checked out local views, and worked.
Grandma's treat for all the hard work was a trip to a "killer"/local steakhouse.
My son is a big fan of a nice, thick juicy steak.
I just happen to have some left from those that I bought the other day.

The unknown element of just exactly how long you are or are not going to live was certainly demonstrated well by the death of MJ. There are numerous days I start out thinking that exact thing: this could be the last day of my life. It isn't a morbid though, or something to engage fear, just simply a message to myself to live life to it's fullest - whatever that capacity may be for that given day. MJ certainly wasn't old by my standards.

Last night, I was having nightmares and woke up in the midst of it an identified what most Christians will understand as an attack from the enemy. I immediately began praying and seeking the Lord - God is greater than the enemy and I find I need not toil in some sort of warfare when I realize - at least as much as my puny little brain can fathom it - who God IS and who satan is NOT. These kinds of words normally invoke the thoughts of "fanatical religious person" in the minds of certain readers who think such talk is jibberish.

Think it as it may, I have lived most of my adult life with such beliefs and I have SEEN such with my own eyes, which really is all I need for any evidence to support such. After all, I only need to prove to myself the existence of God and the idea that the Bible IS the truth, whether anyone wants to believe that or not - and certainly there are PLENTY of naysayers out there. A person's lack of belief does not affect my firm belief in many precepts and thoughts that are to be found in the Christian realm of faith.

Now, my life has not exactly exuberated the life of Christ in recent years - my doings in making excuses because of the aftermath of divorce. Certainly some extreme aftermath, but life eventually goes on (or not, such as evidenced by MJ's extreme departure from this earthly existence). In the end, my excuses fall to the floor and became useless wastes of thought and word that produce nothing good.

Regardless, this morning has not started out well for me, so I took a few minutes to stop and get my mind in some sort of synch. I also cannot continue with this entry as things have started popping and I must get moving.
Have a great day!

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