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The Prices Went Down

...........and so I will be going over there this morning.
It's the nursery that is going out of business. Of course - figure if you wait long enough, they will just start dumping the stuff. Wait TOO long and there won't be anything good left.
Anyway, they changed their CL ad and it is showing plants for $1 and $2 a piece. They open at 7:00 am, I expect to be there at - 7:00am. Lol.

It dawned on me this morning why I am having trouble getting the feel for KCL as "home". I won't be commenting on the reason on this or any other blog so as not to start trouble - as I apparently did when I posted my first post over there. I'll keep it to myself, but definitely, I have identified the problem I have with it. Nothing terribly bad, but - enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I will continue to post over there, but - this is still my home here.

It's 6:00am and it's 89 degrees out. The high today? Supposed to get up to 109. That's not a typo, One…