Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Prices Went Down

...........and so I will be going over there this morning.
It's the nursery that is going out of business. Of course - figure if you wait long enough, they will just start dumping the stuff. Wait TOO long and there won't be anything good left.
Anyway, they changed their CL ad and it is showing plants for $1 and $2 a piece. They open at 7:00 am, I expect to be there at - 7:00am. Lol.

It dawned on me this morning why I am having trouble getting the feel for KCL as "home". I won't be commenting on the reason on this or any other blog so as not to start trouble - as I apparently did when I posted my first post over there. I'll keep it to myself, but definitely, I have identified the problem I have with it. Nothing terribly bad, but - enough to make me feel uncomfortable. I will continue to post over there, but - this is still my home here.

It's 6:00am and it's 89 degrees out. The high today? Supposed to get up to 109. That's not a typo, One Hundred and Nine Degrees. I imagine this afternoon I will be spending quality time - indoors. Tomorrow's high is expected to be 104, which is a little more tolerable.

Michael threw Duke out yesterday and left him out there by putting the doggy door block in place. I rebuked him sternly for such stupidity. It was 106 outside and it was humid (by our standards). It was HOT. Large dogs simply cannot handle the heat well. He was mad because Duke ate his sandwich off the counter. Find some other way to discipline him, throwing him out in this kind of heat and leaving him out there for hours is TOTALLY unacceptable. I got mad, to say the least, for his lack of concern for the dog's well being. Duke's head, while standing up, is above counter level, btw, making food on counters easy target. I do not allow the dogs in the kitchen when there is food being prepared. It's a simple matter of telling them to get out.

Anyway. I'm going to do some very slow watering on several plants today that simply don't get enough water, apparently, when I am filling up their basin and fill it up again. Namely, the Honeysuckles and the vines. Every day I come home and they are drooping. 15 minutes after watering them they are standing straight up again. Today is going to be too hot to have that happening, so - I'm going out there in a few minutes just before I leave for east Mesa to the nursery and start that process.

North Korea is continuing to spurt out rhetoric like Old Faithful in a spouting session. Now it's accusing Japan of spying with surveillance planes. Duhhhhhh. Is this some sort of secret? Of course there is satellite imagery - which is probably as good as is needed really, but - I have never had any doubts that there are drone planes flying over all kinds of regions across the world taking snapshots or even video of whatever they want it to look at. N Korea appears to be intent on starting a war with - whoever - for - what reason? It doesn't appear that even China is backing them up on this round of bs. I've also been eyeing the news for any reports on the Airbus and it's black boxes - I guess they haven't found them yet and I think the window of opportunity is almost up. However, investigators are now looking into reports of problems with other Airbus's that may be the same problem that the doomed Air France plane encountered with the plane's speed sensors failing, auto pilot and auto-thrust failing and basically - a lame duck flying through the air.

If any of that is true, well, I do believe there are a LOT of Airbuses flying around all over the place, the implications are far-reaching and quite serious. What if they determine to ground the planes until the problem is resolved? I haven't read that they are considering any such thing, just speculation on my part. The financial implications would be huge.

Anyway, I have to get out of here.
C'yall later!

Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...