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111 Degrees

I have spent most of the afternoon in the heat.
It's amazing what the human body can get used to.
It actually started feeling cool with so much sweat seeping out of my body.
Gross? Maybe, but it was a solitude I needed. The dogs couldn't handle it - they went inside and left me alone. lol.
I got a lot accomplished out there, so I'm happy about that.
It took me back to my teenaged years when I would sit and bake in the sun during extreme heat days and think nothing of it.

My head is really screwed up today. I can only refer back to Ken's interference with my sleep last night. Sleep is almost a sacred thing - don't mess with it unless there is an emergency. Leave people alone, respect the fact that they are sleeping. I have tried to teach that to my son and all the kids that have stayed over here over the years. I do not allow one kid to wake up another when they are here. I have done that for a long, long time. I may have a different view of sleep and people sle…

Moving On..............

............from that rather dire last post, I have finally figured out what happened to my printer. Canon printers - at least this one - give out a blinking light code to tell you what is wrong with it.

Mine was blinking an orange light 7 times and then green.

Upon searching the internet, I found a forum where someone had posted the same problem with the 7 blinking lights. An individual who apparently knows all about this stuff came back and said it's a "carriage" problem and that something is not aligning right inside of the carriage.

Nice. I started to inspect the printer. It was cracked in several places and some fo the plastic was broken. It has obviously been dropped on the floor. Because it happened several weeks ago, I can't go back to video surveillance to find out exactly who did this little deal. A simple apology goes a long way with me......

So, I consider the printer trashed. Which sucks because I just had all the cartridges refilled on it. I found a…

Fuming Freakin' MAD

I went to bed at the same time I pretty much always go to bed last night: at 9:00pm. I get tired, it's my normal routine. I have no reason to want to stay up late - though sometimes I'm watching what I consider to be a good movie, I might stay up to watch that.

Sleeping pretty good. 2:00am. Something causes me to wake up. My bedroom door has been opened and there's someone there, I can make out in the darkness (I like to slee in as dark a room as possible) someone moving their hand along the wall trying to find the light switch.

Brain matter finally kicks in, what the bleep is THIS? I bolted upright, yelled out WHO IS IT!!! fiddle with my nightstand lamp. It's Ken. I'm yelling at this point, I have no clue what he's doing in my room, but the fact that I have just been awakened like that and the fact that he's IN my room has me ready to defend myself, whatever may come. WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM? I'm getting up, I'm ready to throw blows. That&#…