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Monday Revisited

Work went well enough - a full day of running all over portions of southern Arizona making deliveries and a pickup. I could be more specific, but who cares. The CEO/President of our company is coming to town - tomorrow. I have talked to this man via email in the past - a very nice person, actually.

Anyway. My daily waterings of certain plants is not enough. These plants are withering by the time I get home from work and only another good dose of water brings them back. I will have to start watering these plants twice daily during the summer. Kind of a pain - I enjoy, no love - spending time out there with "them", but this is a little excessive. If I had any thought that anytime soon my "ship would come in", I would definitely go out and buy a drip watering system, which would take care of this problem.

Now, I could "drip" water them with a hose - but there are too many of them, it would take too long. I can just about guarantee that next week, I w…


I just wrote an entire entry to KCL - it disappeared into cyberspace.
So much for that. I couldn't find the place that might have it saved, so, I gave up on the thing and came back over here.

I never like re-writing things that I have already written. The only version of that that might happen is copying it and pasting it on another blogsite.

So, since I wrote about everything, I haven't much to say today.