Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The work week well - this particular one anyway - is half over. It is also the last day of the month of June. There are just a little over 6 hours left in this month, meaning that I got away with one - if not only for this year.

What I got away with was about $130 less in electric usage than June of last year. SRP - my power supply company - faithfully sends me out a readout of the entire year's worth of electric usage. June stood out from last year - historically it is the hottest month of the year - and certainly from that readout - it was at least $50higher than any months worth of usage last year.

But - this year's June has been amazingly low in temps until - last week I guess. The AC is running off the hook now - not unexpectedly - in keeping it cool in here.

Okay, enough about electricity. It's of particular interest to me - probably not to anyone else. Then again, this IS my blog! Lol.

Of even greater interest is the second Airbus accident. Fin graciously hooked me up with a website that is frequented by commercial jet pilots and other experts in varying fields related to it - I was reading with great interest today the provisions made by such concerning the newest/fresh crash of yet another Airbus - this time an Airbus A310. I think the AF crash was a 330 model?
I may go ahead and register with that site, undoubtedly will never post anything since I am your basic know-nothing compared to those that are posting there. Still, it's all quite fascinating to me.

In all the fascination, however, I do not forget that a lot of people have lost their lives in both crashes over the Indian Ocean and for that, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the deceased. I have not seen much about the Air France flight - guess there's not much to report.

Entire torso area is burning. I have just been standing out in the hot sun for a couple of hours watering plants and taking stock of the entire situation on my property. What are my next moves. Well, I have the buck a piece plants left to plant - I'm waiting until this coming 3-day weekend. I have also decided to transplant at least one of the Norfolk Pines. Although they are where I want them, they are not doing well there. When Mary was here, we had discussed transplanting one to the front of the house where it would get a lot more shade and less direct exposure to the sun.

This because I had read on numerous websites that it really doesn't like arid climates, it wants a more humid climate instead. I figured at least getting it out of the hot AZ sunshine would help - we are in the midst of some humid days right now. THAT one is doing QUITE well. The branches are not burned as the other ones are. Well, excepting one. there is one where a couple of the branches greenery is only slightly burned, the rest of that tree is growing like crazy.

There is another that is seriously burned and doesn't seem to be growing at all. And then yet another which is in between the 2 aformentioned.

Anyway, I SOOOOOO want to get an "automatic" drip watering system in. I'm spending some serious time out there now that summer and high heat has arrived in watering that stuff.

On a different note, I was watching the - "loser" - walking down the street past my house a little while ago. He used to say hi to me or I used to say hi to him - either/or first. Some months ago, I was greeting him and he was totally ignoring me. The man is known as a "loser" because he is 30 something years old and still lives with his parents. He doesn't work - and doesn't want to. It has nothing to do with the economy - he has been living his entire life like that LONG before this recession started. He's about 6'6" tall. Lanky, not especially strong looking. Face is aged well beyond his years - he's a meth user.

I was out front watering all the menagerie of plants out there and he comes walking by. I said nothing - I discontinued since he decided he was not going to respond with anything. I think the silent treatment is the greatest diss of all of mankind. There is no positive OR negative response, there is just nothing. It is response in itself - it most assuredly is. He was walking along, had his fists clenched, had a look of hate on his face and was walking with some determination. Where he was going and why he was posturing like that - no clue.

But I have observed many people over the years with same such look and posturing. Not a one-time event, but a stance that is repeated over and over and over again. I have always wondered what, exactly, is going through that person's mind. In my case - well - this is the guy that was screwing the former tenant named Justine - in my house. I did not want this man coming into my home at all. If an adult cannot find it within him or herself to go out and get something going for themselves in life, I really don't want anything to do with them.

Even the people that I have given food or meals to are people that are driven to do whatever it takes to keep themselves floating - but - the times being what they are and the circumstances that they are facing proved to be too much. People that would never have taken a hand-out from anyone have come to my door - with my CL invitation of course - wanting the help that I was providing. I am not handing out food now. I am still having people over here and there for meals. Not that I don't want to hand out food - my situation with doubled hourly cuts have forced that upon me. I have no reservations at all in having a person or persons over for a meal that I was already preparing - just having to make more for the extra mouths.

As life moves on - and it always does - I always come to points where I have to face not only my mortality - if only in my thinking at the moment - but also WHAT is my contiued purpose here. There is more to life than what I am doing with it. At least, from the perspective of the Bible and the life I have lead before I started journaling. No, journaling is not a hindrance or my setback, it has nothing to do with it.

I have to be content that what I am doing now is what I am supposed to be doing now. If it is not, then opportunity will open up to do something else.

There is something in me that would like to earn massive amounts of money and finance the many missionary contacts I have around the world. Old contacts - old friends - people I have served with on the field. Many of them are still out there. I didn't quite make it - due to a devastating divorce and the shunning of a church. Which may not be VALID reasons in the eyes of God, but - the effect on my soul, heart, and mind was enough. Even my Dad asked yesterday about whre I am going to church. I said I am not going and referred to the shunning. I also made quite clear the fact that I have not turned my back on God and that I still love the Lord.

Well, I'm just rambling I guess. I have a lot on my mind right now. There are many distractions that life has to offer. I'm not convinced that many of them are worth the time of day or the thought in mind that they absorb.


ANOTHER Airbus has crashed?!!!

Do you remember the "notoriety" the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 received after numerous crashes all over the place and people getting killed on that particular brand and model of aircraft? Is Airbus going to have the same tainted recognition with all of their product?
Heck, if I were flying anywhere, I don't think I would want to board anything made by Airbus at this point - I don't wonder if actual air travellers are thinking the same thing, the world over?
It becomes a thing where people's minds don't think in terms of where the fault might lie - weather; malfunction; pilot error - it just becomes more like "gee, this airplane crashes a lot, I don't want to be a part of that".


I'm at work - before signing in of course and before the work day has begun.
I slept very well last night - that's 4 nights in a row now that I have slept either well or decent enough.

The CEO of our company is coming through today and there is word he may actually come to this store. That would be amazing in itself. Whenever stuff like that happens, I am usually not even here - out on the road somewhere. Another thing that I just found out this morning is the CEO of our mother organization has resigned. I didn't read any particular reason for it, the guy seemed to be steering the entire ship in the right direction, so I'm kind of at a loss on that one.

That's it. I am just in automatic mode for the time being. I forgot yesterday to go get a copy of my 5-year driving history to present to the taxi company for their consideration of my becoming a "weekend warrior" - if only temporarily. Actually, I only plan on doing one full day of it on a Saturday to see if it makes any money or is just a waste of my time. I was already offered a job - at $7.25 per hour lol - the other day. I can imagine myself standing in a "production line" at a Subway restaurant in the workings of a "sandwich artist". I figure the lowest I will go on a part-time job is half my wages at my full-time job. Anything lower than that would just seem a waste of time to me.

Regardless, it's gettin' close to time to sign in and I want to check out a couple more news stories before that happens.
Have a great day!

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