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The work week well - this particular one anyway - is half over. It is also the last day of the month of June. There are just a little over 6 hours left in this month, meaning that I got away with one - if not only for this year.

What I got away with was about $130 less in electric usage than June of last year. SRP - my power supply company - faithfully sends me out a readout of the entire year's worth of electric usage. June stood out from last year - historically it is the hottest month of the year - and certainly from that readout - it was at least $50higher than any months worth of usage last year.

But - this year's June has been amazingly low in temps until - last week I guess. The AC is running off the hook now - not unexpectedly - in keeping it cool in here.

Okay, enough about electricity. It's of particular interest to me - probably not to anyone else. Then again, this IS my blog! Lol.

Of even greater interest is the second Airbus accident. Fin graciously ho…

ANOTHER Airbus has crashed?!!!

Do you remember the "notoriety" the McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 received after numerous crashes all over the place and people getting killed on that particular brand and model of aircraft? Is Airbus going to have the same tainted recognition with all of their product?
Heck, if I were flying anywhere, I don't think I would want to board anything made by Airbus at this point - I don't wonder if actual air travellers are thinking the same thing, the world over?
It becomes a thing where people's minds don't think in terms of where the fault might lie - weather; malfunction; pilot error - it just becomes more like "gee, this airplane crashes a lot, I don't want to be a part of that".


I'm at work - before signing in of course and before the work day has begun.
I slept very well last night - that's 4 nights in a row now that I have slept either well or decent enough.

The CEO of our company is coming through today and there is word h…