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1 day left to go in the work week! Yayyyyyy!
I can't believe I have 305 posts on this blog already (if I copy and paste this to KCL, I am referring to my other blog, not my KCL blog).
Like, didn't I just start on this site a little while back? Seems so anyway.

Work? I took out a huge order this morning, the flatbed was fully loaded from front to back. Pretty heavy stuff, too. They always make these jobsites a test of your truck driving skills. This one was no different. Oh, and this is a new customer for our company. Anyway, get the truck unloaded, get turned around and head out to the exit gate - to find a truck blocking the exit and quite apparent it was going anywhere anytime soon.

The foreman comes up to me and informs me there is another exit - just go "back there" and "down that road" and you'll see it. Too bad a semi truck isn't like a Tonka toy, just pick it up, turn it around and off you go. Instead, I'm backing down a narro…