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Running Around

I finally broke down and took the car back to Discount Tire. Hour and a half wait, they tell me. Just about every time I go there it's an hour and a half wait, so I end up just putting air in the tire and leaving. This time I decided to bite the bullet and do the wait. Fortunately there is a Walmart across the parking lot - something to do and I had business there anyway.

So, I go to Walmart. No, nothing happened there with customer service - I was taking my time walking through the entire place. The store is so massive, that took quite a while, like almost an hour. I got a napkin holder and some napkins (have been wanting to do that for quite a while now, I just keep forgetting); another garden hose - so I don't have to keep moving one of the houses from one outlet to another; and the new glassware that was the reason I wanted to go there in the first place. These glasses are much larger - it's summer time and a small glass of ice water or whatever drink does - not…