Monday, July 6, 2009

Please vote for Duke or Prince!!!!

Okay, I put Duke and Prince in a contest. It's called Arizona's Top Pet and it's hosted by a local radio station. The winner - animal that gets the most votes - gets $1,500!!

I'm unabashedly asking everyone to vote for one or the other, though it would be better if everyone votes for just one instead of the votes getting spread out between the 2.

The first URL posted at the beginning of the entry is the URL to duke's pic. Copy and paste that into your web browser, go there. At the bottom of Duke's pic is a button "vote for me". Clicking on that takes you to a page that asks you for your email address - obviously so one person can't just vote over and over for their own pet. That's it, you're done! Thanks to everyone that helps me out!

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