Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well, I haven’t been writing much because I have become absorbed with the idea of all of this change coming to work - that hasn’t even been implemented yet. The thoughts of what exactly the changes are and what will happen with me in the process is rather consuming.

And yet, I can do absolutely nothing about it, and further, thinking about it will change nothing. Worrying and fretting changes nothing, either. I make no claims of being a super-human, therefore I make claims that my natural thought processes in situations like this sometimes take me to undesirable places.

Regardless, my manager left early today to go to the main branch to meet with the GM. I do find the proposed changes to be quite - acceptable - but - changes are coming so fast in this company, no-one knows WHAT is coming next.

Anyway, I was driving the semi all day today. The reservation; Gilbert; Florence; Casa Grande. I got back just in time to sign out, actually. The hourly reduction - doesn’t quite work on certain days when there is more work than hours available. Tommorrow is going to be extremely busy. Since our company closed the store out west, numerous people have been involved with the removal of everything from that store and have it transported to various places. Well, I have a couple of 2 or 3 deliveries in the morning, a transfer to downtown and then a trip to the store that is closed. This will undoubtedly take me well beyond 7 hours of work and will also undoubtedly make me lose my 30 minute, automatically deducted break and - oh well.

As for around here, it’s been pretty quiet. The temps are heading up and I have been extra-watering everything. This weekend will be a real drag - I really don’t want to deal with 110 plus degree heat anymore. It’s not unlike those of you that are house-bound because of frigid temps and snow and ice all over everything. There isn’t much desire to head into the great outdoors when it’s so hot coupled with humidity, you start sweating before you start DOING anything. Staying indoors is not an option for me - I have to go out and tend to the bountiful plantlife. But, after I’m out there awhile, it becomes - nice - actually - regardless of the heat.

I’ve all but lost the battle of not getting a 401k loan. I could actually - eventually - get caught up - but it’s so far out that my call to the mortgage company told me that they had rejected my payment and said the reason is because I would have to come up with a payment and a half. I have not gotten mad, upset or rude with these people ever - this isn’t a situation to get like that - and it paid off, I hope anyway. The guy said I called “just in time” that he might be able to get the payment forced through.

Beyond that, whether they have a rate-reduction program or not, they do participate in a HUD program that has an interest free loan that puts whatever payments you are behind to the end of your loan, getting you fully caught up - as long as you can show that you can make all future payments on-time.

Well, the time before last I called, the lady wanted to hear ALL of my income and expense information. I entertained her in it, it took something like half an hour. I thought of every expense I have and stated it - all of it. I then stated that my income - with reduced hours and with 2 paying tenants. She calculated that my income was more than my expenses - by 75 cents. Yes, that’s 75 CENTS. Lol. With another paying tenant - well that puts me over, yes, but certainly I have no great abundance going on over here.

I’m not complaining. I have a job - whatever it is - and I have enough income. It’s far better than what millions of Americans are going through right now.

There are other stories but - my finger is hurting again, in fact it looks like it’s infected. I’m either going to have to stick a needle in there and let out the puss that is building up - or go to a doctor, have them deaden the area and lacerate it - or maybe they’ll just prescribe anitbiotics. My normal modus operandi is to avoid the doctor at all costs and attempt to drain the thing myself. Which usually entails some levels of pain - but to me, not as painful as going to the friggin’ doc.


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