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Well, I haven’t been writing much because I have become absorbed with the idea of all of this change coming to work - that hasn’t even been implemented yet. The thoughts of what exactly the changes are and what will happen with me in the process is rather consuming.

And yet, I can do absolutely nothing about it, and further, thinking about it will change nothing. Worrying and fretting changes nothing, either. I make no claims of being a super-human, therefore I make claims that my natural thought processes in situations like this sometimes take me to undesirable places.

Regardless, my manager left early today to go to the main branch to meet with the GM. I do find the proposed changes to be quite - acceptable - but - changes are coming so fast in this company, no-one knows WHAT is coming next.

Anyway, I was driving the semi all day today. The reservation; Gilbert; Florence; Casa Grande. I got back just in time to sign out, actually. The hourly reduction - doesn’t quite work on…