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Do you have one?
If you get something you're not supposed to, say, at a store and realize the error the clerk made later on when you get home, do you do anything about it?
Do you go back and pay for it?
Do you call them and tell them the mistake and say you'll come back in to pay for it? Or maybe pay over the phone with a credit card if they accept such a method?

I resolved all of these questions in my mind and heart long, long ago. I don't have to think about it - I do the right thing. Because they "gave" it to you - on error - does not mean it's right to just keep it. If you can sleep at night doing such a thing - I will not say more power to you, because I believe it to be unethical and immoral.

I'm not preaching to anyone, really, just making my observations and opinion about it. I was given 6 bags of dog food today, when I should have gotten 5. I am currently buying Nutra dog food - it's an excellent quality food and this place has a smoking…