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I watch Ken on video surveillance - frequently - going into my refrigerator.
To say the irritates me is certainly valid, albeit certain other adjectives apply in a much more sincere sense.

Milk; cheese; whatever.

I ever-so-slightly turned the tables on him. I stopped buying coffee. It's expensive. If it isn't on sale - Folger's is like 8 bucks a can. He drinks coffee every day. He puts about TRIPLE the amount of coffee grounds into the brewer than is necessary for a regular pot of coffee.

He was going through my cans of coffee like a kid eating lollipops.

I figured if I just stop buying the stuff - I get all the free coffee at work I want so there's 5 days of the week covered - he would either have to quit or he would have to start buying it himself.

He bought the last 2 cans. In the time it takes him to go through 2 large cans of Folgers coffee grounds - that much coffee lasts me about 6 months. THAT'S why I stopped buying it.

In the same cabinet the …


I hate to keep talking about the heat - but it’s the same thing as people being stuck inside their homes in a frigid winter - just the opposite end of the scale. You can get just as dead going out there in this kind of temperatures and suffering heat stroke and all kinds of other heat related illnesses.

As evidenced yesterday when Kyle passed out at the skate park in the middle of the afternoon when it hit 114 out there. I told them not to go, they ignored my warning - maybe they’ll listen next time. Paramedics had to cool him down and whatever they did - I wasn’t there and didn’t find out about it until the event was over.

Unfortunately, there is no way to raise the temp of the AC in here during the day. The varied hours of the tenants force that. Ken doesn’t leave for work until 1:30 pm, I get off of work at 2:00 pm (at least temporarily) and Pete, the newest tenant, gets home usually late morning. People are here, in other words, 24 hours a day. Which is actually a good thin…