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I wrote an entry on KCL earlier and then this morning.
Yet, I refuse to give up this host for blogging - for now anyway.

Ken came home early. I don't know why, but usually entails being let off because there is nothing to do. He started in on a girl he "screwed" when she was - well I don't want to incriminate him, so I won't. BUT - it's the SAME exact exuberance when he started in on the last girl. The last girl - lady - was MARRIED.

I'm not amused. The beginning of his story was appalling, the end of it was not the end, I'm sure.

Changing the subject, I've come to the realization that I'm not that sold on cabbying. Apparently, people ditch you and don't pay. I would not take that well. I would be the cabby chasing the freak down and calling the police for theft of services.

Apparently they get robbed alot. I wouldn't take well to that, either. It wouldn't make me afraid, it would make me MAD. Sticking a gun to my head - I…