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I'm extremely irritated right now.
I didn't sleep worth crap last night.
The AC went out this morning.
I stepped on a very long nail yesterday that went deep into my foot.
And - something bit me in what sleep I did get last night - there, where all males dread getting something like that - "it" is swollen and does not feel good at all.

I'm sure that is more information than anyone wanted to hear and right now, I couldn't care less.
It's starting to get warm in this house - pretty soon I'll be outside and I'll just sit out there and bake for the next 3 or 4 or more hours until the AC technician gets here and fixes the thing.

You want to read something uplifting and positive - this is the wrong blog to be at today.
I'm not having a pity party, I just feel like s*** and I'm making an appointment to see the doc tomorrow if he's got any room at all in his schedule. As deep as that nail went into my foot - well I'm hoping it doesn't get i…